How to install RX Lenses in your scuba mask

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This is a video of me installing RX lenses in my scuba mask. I am not from a dive shop, I am not a technician, I’m just a regular diver that doesn’t do this every day. This shows me struggling where you might struggle too.

I believe most masks are made in the same factories which is why so many masks look exactly the same between different brands. I theorized that the RX lenses of different brands would work in my mask and they did.

The following masks should have interchangeable RX lenses:

ScubaPro Fino Mask
Aeris Europa 2, Europa 2 Purge, Puropa 4 Masks
tusa splendive 4
cressi focus mask
Dive Rite ES125 Double Lens Mask
Body Glove Reliance Mask
Deep See Adventurer II Mask
Promate Sea Viewer Mask
Promate Pro Viewer Mask
Tilos Boom Purge Mask
Tilos Fantasia Mask

There are probably more masks that have interchangeable lenses.

Note that I have no confirmed this except for the IST MK24 and Aeris Europa lens and Cressi Focus lens.

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  1. heybeachnik says

    Promate Sea Viewer ‘should’ use the same lenses as the TUSA Splendive IV (ditto for TUSA Splendive II, TUSA Geminus, TUSA Ceos – since they all take the same TUSA lenses) – really ???

    That would be great, because you can get Promate lenses for less $$ and Promate has a broader line in terms of optical correction.

    Unfortunately, Promate lenses (and I assume lenses for IST or Tilos) are not compatible with TUSA masks. Why (?) – because Promate lenses are thicker than TUSA lenses.

  2. yinxzon says

    the lenses i mean.. thanks!

  3. yinxzon says

    my eyes are really bad -10 for both eyes. where can i get it for the ist proear line?

  4. Karsen Nielsen says

    leisurepro dot co m has lenses for Cressi Focus.

  5. detectiveinspekta says

    Can you find me some lenses for my cressi focus mask? I looked on ebay and amazon but nothing that specifically is suitable for my mask.

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