1. I found the ffm to be very weird, I'm not sure which one I used but I over all enjoyed itn

  2. ScubaTastic says

    Brexit the water its unsafe 🙂

  3. T.O. Willem Kmetsch says

    How do you record audio from your radio system for video like this?

  4. Sean Gillen says

    Lots of bubbles in the line of vision upon exhaling. Was this a noticeable issue during your testing?

  5. Porter Thork says

    So strange to see a diver talking to us during a dive hahaha… THE FUTURE

  6. albusai says

    Can this mask be used with a rebreather?

  7. PlayBox says

    Must be using o2 faster

  8. Alex Noda says

    Great video…question…..being that there is no mouth piece ….do you consume more air …???

  9. Ajila Waya says

    Don't you run out of air faster when you're talking?

  10. weerobot says

    Awesome under water review…

  11. JP Patches says

    Why am I having a panic attack while watching this? I don’t think I will ever be able to dive. Something I have always wanted to do.

  12. onespeed says

    These should be used on those kids trapped in the thailand cave.

  13. aqua man says

    I have one. it keeps on shaking while i breathe..is it normal?

  14. Johnathan Winters says

    I truly enjoyed the video. I live in Duluth Minnesota USA. I dive mostly in Lake Superior. The water is never warm. Average surface temp of 38-42 degrees. That’s 3.3 – 5.5 C. We have the best preserved shipwrecks in the world here but it’s an icy endeavor to see them! I’ve been looking to full face masks for comfort, and this video helped! Thank you for the great info and safe diving to you all!!!

  15. Greg Chua Delgado says

    What gadget you use for record the audio or its open microphone? Im Interested

  16. θοδωρης tayler says

    I never dive without gloves , i feel unsecure

  17. Sander Hamel says

    I'm sorry but i'm pretty sure you did not put on your mask correctly in the video, top straps are sticking out too long so you did not tightened the straps in the correct order. First middle, then bottom, top last. One of those little things you learn correctly during the course 😉

  18. Ahmed Abo Hatb says

    How can i equalize pressure .. falsalva ???

  19. calendil says

    It seems like you want to press the mask to your face while you are talking, does it leak when you move your jaw?

  20. John McGuinness says

    would this mask be viable for bearded divers?

  21. Lars Sveen says

    How are you capturing the audio?

  22. E. Fifield says

    can this dive mask be used in a motorized hookah set -up instead of a scuba tank system??

  23. LiquidGF says

    I do not go diving to still hear other people talk. ^^'

  24. Stuart Moody says

    Hi Scubaverse, Great video thanks very much, I see this video was made in August 2015 time, can i ask have you continued to use the FFMs in your dives or reverted to the conventional half mask?

  25. Lil Peble Lol says

    I past my test can i get 10 likes

  26. JSF says

    Do you need communication devices underwater to be heard or can you talk to your buddy if you're close enough?

  27. DracariaEntertainment says

    i would love to give one of these FFMs a go but i just wish they werent all so expensive! maybe one day.

  28. Sleepy Alex says

    Rip right ear

  29. IM35461 says

    How easy is it to equalize with this full face mask?

  30. melikesleepy says

    How exactly do you clear it, say if in an unlikely situation it leaks a bit?

  31. andthecowsaysmoo4 says

    It seems you press on the front of he mask a lot while your describing it. Do you need to do so because you lose a good deal while talking,

  32. MobileRider says

    Watching this stresses me. Sounds like he is struggling to breathe. Doesn't make me feel comfortable.

  33. Jackson Tan says

    hi, may i know what communication device you are using ? and how you recorded the voice during underwater ?

  34. Gray Bainbridge-Zesch says


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