Atomic Venom Mask Review

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Atomic Venom Mask
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The Atomic Venom Mask is a high-quality large dive mask with UltraClear Schott SuperwiteTM Glass which is the highest purity grade glass manufactured in Germany. With fewer impurities, Superwite glass gives you the truest view of the underwater world with no color distortion.

While the Venom does have a frame it is molded into the skirt for a strong and hydrodynamic design. Double layer, dual color silicone skirt gives the mask structure where it’s needed and flexibility where it needs to be soft around your face, the dual color just looks good.

UltraClear Schott Superwite™
Fewer impurities in the glass increase the amount of light transmission and a reduction in color distortion. Normal glass has impurities that affect light as it passes through affecting your vision, Superwhite glasses made to the highest purity grade.

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Horatio Bastian says

    I looked up Venom like the super villain?????……sssooooooooo

  2. ipen gaming says

    I tought you are gona say..
    WE Are…venom. -.-

  3. Allan Peda says

    Much more vibrant, or /slightly/ more vibrant?

  4. DracariaEntertainment says

    I have the frameless one and its so amazing

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