Dragon & Squama Scuba Divers Dive Knife with plastic and nylon sheath review

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440C steel
Overall length: 8.26”
3.74″ 440C steel Black Stainless Steel Blade,NEVER rust.
Black impact-resistant ABS sheath/holster.
Water drain hole handle design with nylon string.
Sheath for Leg,Arm,BCD.

Color:black ABS
Type:Medium Straight Knife
Overall length: 8.26”
Blade length: 3.74″
Grip length:4.13”
Blade thickness: 0.14”
Blade width:0.98”(max)
Blade material: 440C steel
Knife handle: 440C steel
Sheath:ABS plastic
Suitable for under water dive,kayaking,outdoor camping.Wherever underwater or on land,forests,it will fit you well.
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Rating: 4.29

  1. Altin Buja says

    asshole start videos easy you scared me

  2. lama punch says

    I am a diver and a dive knife saved my life

  3. michael lopez says

    That knife pokes out the end of the scabbard and has poked me in the leg and hand

  4. Richard Lopez says

    interesting. i have this same thing but it says boffer on the blade

  5. Rhett Oracle says

    What? No kebbeh and humus with your shawarma knife?

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