1. Moe 〽 says

    Has anyone got the Adidas AW stadium shell jacket? Tempted to buy it but can’t find much info on it online

  2. dmtry ledesma says

    Herzlichen .

  3. Esketit Boi says

    Hey how tall are you?

  4. Carlo Derigay says

    I pin roll my sleeves too

  5. Rapture Kicks says

    I think all the fits are great.! Not too big at all.!!!! Perfect fits.!

  6. B says

    that jacket is fire, how do you find out the times/days that collections are going to drop on websites aswell?

  7. Jesse pinkman says

    Hey man, these are some sick pickups and I love your hair. What's the song In the beginning?

  8. maagdengraf says

    Any idea if there's any chance I can find that jacket anywhere on the internet??? Want it so bad!

  9. Moeyy AS says

    What hoodie are you wearing in this video? I can't tell 😮

  10. Johnson Tran says

    Underneath the Jacket and behind the visuals, i see like a penguin cape thing coming out, is that part of the jacket or is that another piece of garment? Could you let me know what it is if it's not the jacket, because it looks cool!

  11. Alexander Hafström says

    How big does the windbreaker fit? i'm 6,4 and around 70kg/ 150lbs, should i go for large or medium?

  12. Kay Brzy says

    the detail on that jacket is crazy!

  13. Tate Bredenkamp says

    Fits awesome bro. And we for sure pin roll our sleeves in the US, lol! Looks great!

  14. Kwame Asiedu says

    Glad i found this channel your videos are great

  15. Sebastian Ford says

    do you have any other social media accounts?

  16. R6JF says

    Want that jacket so bad it's really expensive tho for what I can find

  17. Tim Wong says

    Dumb question: Do you have an Instagram? I love your style and clothes!

  18. FAMProductions says

    man this makes me want to purchase that Parka, the fit was too dope

  19. XOXOGiraffeXOXO says

    do you have an instagram account??

  20. Martijn Bal says

    Heey James! I won't think you will read this , but I love your videos man, the way you edit and present is so relaxed ! Keep up the good work!

  21. FingerMyPizza says

    Would you happen to have instagram or something I can stalk you with?….Uhh…I mean follow you…..

  22. brunoandgustavo says

    how you do your top knot?

  23. grief says

    I discovered your channel just today and I gotta say I love it, keep up the good work man!

  24. brandon291196 says

    You on twitter or insta?

  25. Dave Togoto says

    lovin' your style. keep it up!

  26. Ricardo Canales says

    You should do an Q&A about your life , job, fashion and ect .. It will be interesting & do you have an IG, snapchat, and Twitter I can follow you on? Great vid btw!!

  27. Triversity says

    Ayy Mr eBay does it again lol. Amazing prices too, hard to believe really. I think the tee looks completely fine (I prefer it larger lol). I'm really short but tend to wear L's and XL's sometimes. Unless you weren't going for an oversize fit .-. Oops. And that windbreaker though!! Complete fire omg I cannot even describe. Great finds!

  28. eve khan says

    oh god, i love your hair!

  29. Lrein says

    Hey James, you picking up anything from the ADYN deploy collection? I just copped 4 pieces

  30. isaac bueno says

    How longs your hair now? I'm trying to grow mine out for a man bun like that.

  31. The Wardrobe Library says

    These pick ups just keep getting better and better.. yet again, i am jealous. Good stuff James!

  32. thomas mcalinden says

    Dude what's your Twitter

  33. Gallucks says

    I just sold my Reflective puffer jacket! I went on the day – did you see my video about the event? it was crazy! nice video man! 🙂 

  34. danischmuck says

    nice video bro! 🙂

  35. Luca Fersko says

    fresh ass sweater you were wearing under the jacket

  36. James Sendall says

    Was the tee from Grailed? If so, i had it in my fitting room haha! Nice cop though mate! 🙂

  37. Emdadh Syed says

    Even tho I went Instore for this I think it's pretty over rated expected Alot more and I've already mentioned my experience with h&m (The Pricks) the two items you got I saw them Instore you may think this is stupid but all I wanted was the wang sweat I did line up four hours before (with my bro who was more lucky than me) anyways enjoy them I hope for an acne studios Collab that would be wicked

  38. VerdugoVibes says

    Quality quality quality my man!

  39. Sander Mejia says

    I was trying to get the windbreaker but when I got on the website broken good video bro

  40. SparkzGB says

    perfect bro:-)

  41. subterraskuress1998 says

    Hey man, just wondering what's your opinion on mens timberland boots?

  42. Levy Koute says


  43. Mario Turturici says

    Love your videos! Btw rolling your t-shirt sleeves up is a thing :')

  44. Kyron Warrick says

    patience saves pockets // insane you got these pieces for those prices. Like you said def worth the money
    cant wait for more videos in the future as always ! 

  45. Omar Tribis says

    Nice video man

  46. Art of Streetwear says

    Great video mate.

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