The best way to use a GoPro camera when scuba diving. (Review using it hand held as well as mounted)

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When I first got my GoPro camera I struggled to find much information about where’s the best place to mount the camera when scuba diving and if the GoPole, head or wrist straps were any good.

Keep in mind some of my tests were the first time I’d ever used them and just because I sucked at controlling it doesn’t mean others haven’t worked out the kinks, after all this is only my opinion, but hopefully it will point you in the right direction.

UPDATE: Check out my new video on the 360 Degree Telesin GoPro Wrist Mount:

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  1. Glen Hoffman says

    Did you make or did you buy the outrigger mount for the BCD. What’s it made out of?

  2. Jeff Morgan says

    option 2 not at all steramlined

  3. LA5150 says

    Thanks very much.  Was trying to figure out without the camera becoming an entanglement hazard:)

  4. Viraj Vhatkar says

    Thanks, this video helped newbies like me who are going to use GoPro while Scuba diving for the first time.

  5. lkhendrickson says

    this was very helpful, thanks! glad you snuck the wrist option in there at the end – seems like the best option for me 🙂

  6. divingstcon says

    Thanks for the overview. I used many different amateur cameras and iPhone 5 and 6 for underwater photography, but I just bought Hero 5 and yet need to set a most appropriate way of using it. I think I will try to mount it on my flashlight so I could enhance the shots by the extra light whenever needed.

  7. David Fricks says

    Well done! Great review!

  8. Lira Ziyad says

    Thanks for actually trying it is several positions and showing what we might get.

  9. Ken Sexe says

    Ran into this while preparing for my first dive with a Go Pro. All I could say is I wish I saw this before I bought all my gear. You did a very thorough and professional job of going through all options. Thanks very much!

  10. Oli Burns says

    Thanks for the video man.
    I've been a diver for a couple of years now and are planning on buying the new GoPro. The only thing I wasn't sure of was what mount I should get for diving… now I know !! Thanks!!

  11. Mateo Xia says

    Would you recommend the hand held option for beginners?

  12. David Koudys says

    I loved this comparison video. My only point would be that I use my 'home made' mask mount for my GoPro and I find the complete opposite–ease of use is high–turn it on and forget it, stability is very good, and I don't lose the ability of using my hands for diving. I find when I'm holding onto the GoPro, I'm more focused on stability and such. I did get a wrist strap that rotates and locks into place as needed–this is also one of my favourite mounts.
    A video here shot pretty much completely with a mask-mount–
    I also made a few other mounts that may be of interest, and you can see the 'home made mask mount–
    Again, lovely video and I'm going to try some of the other mounts you tested

  13. Greg Harrison says

    Thank you!
    Very helpful

  14. marcobrazil says


  15. Jordan P says

    Awesome thanks!

  16. Taras B. Ukrainian says

    thank you … helpful video

  17. Harley Stewart says

    What's to word at 15:30

  18. Alex Jardine says

    Thought about mounting it to my torch, thoughts?

  19. Caleb Podgers says

    Where do you buy the ram mounts?

  20. Henrik Heino says

    Thanks for a really informative video! I was thinking about buying a head strap, but now that I saw your video I'm not wasting money to it. Instead I'm buying some of those that you suggested 🙂

  21. Tierney Harman says

    Hey, very helpful video! Did you use a remote with the GoPole? If not, how did you set it for photos/videos?

  22. Mehran Mahdi says

    amazing video. since you reached the conclusion that wrist strap is the best, may I suggest something that could be even better?
    it's a strap on the back of the hand; this is going to be my first time using an action camera and I haven't tested it yet because it is in shipping process. I think it will be better than the wrist strap because you can twist both the camera independently and your hand, while if it was on the wrist you can't really point everywhere. Gopro has one called "the strap" I think

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