1. JackBelle's Photography says

    A Philips screwdriver isn’t the correct one to use. You should use a special screwdriver for watches. I have changed my battery several times without a problem. Here in the Philippines you have to send your computer to the nearest service centre and it costs more than $50 and takes a few weeks. I don’t see much risk as I have had a few Suunto dive computers and the pressure sensor tends to fail after about 500 dives anyway which will require 2 battery changes!

  2. Max Longo says

    Stay away from Suunto guys, bad quality and worst service:

  3. mst ozdnç says

    very risky, if you can not get the equal water enters. If the screw does not fit equally, the water will enter, the screw will be distorted too much.
    first ring off i silicone grease after closing
    you must attach screws when the cover is stationary.

  4. Yudi Herdiana WCS says

    What screwdriver size?

  5. Stejay Stephen-John Rado says

    This is a terrible idea, for many reasons, get your computer serviced at a trained, accredited place.

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