1. Danny Kalin says

    Carma! Hunting with scuba tank, i've heard it is illegal, even if it is legal, it is for pussies!

  2. Maurice Hebert says

    How I did that. Simple you didn't take a scuba course.you never go down head first .you stay straight going down slowly and you equalize every 3 feet or before you start to feel pain.same goes for the mask.you let air slowly in the mask with your nose. Same for going up 1 minutes for 18 meters 60 feet. Very dangerous not a thing to play with.

  3. Maurice Hebert says

    He's in decompose mode turning green

  4. Maurice Hebert says

    I herd he turned into a mermaid .he could see for miles with those eyes

  5. Maurice Hebert says

    That's why i,m taking a scuba course.

  6. Angie Brewton says

    What was that clip for?

  7. Angie Brewton says

    Your an awesome dive buddy!

  8. mme says

    6:22 No! I am sorr..mmmm

  9. AMRDYS says

    Why the Category of the video is Comedy?! I think Horror would make more sense!

  10. Calven Matthias says

    he sank like a rock

  11. Lance Rexington says

    Diving not for everybody, To many try it when they shouldn’t.

  12. sonya bunyan says

    Why is this guy scuba diving with out an wet suit he's only wearing under ware

  13. Blazer 9 says

    It acted as a vacuum

  14. Space Parkour says

    It’s good that he is ok

  15. Joop de laat says

    its painfull i think his eyes sad .

  16. Swedishdivemaster says

    Whats dum is leting this dude dive .

  17. scottieboi world says

    Broww you fk slow with getting up and the boat jeep

  18. cup cake!! says

    That looks so painful could he see

  19. J Mackelrath says

    I feel bad it probably hurts so baddd never going scuba diving

  20. wraith3845 says

    this is what happens when you have no idea what you're doing.

  21. yxngshell says

    snoop doggy doh

  22. LGY_ wille says

    Dät was krypy

  23. please enter a name says

    When you giggle while smoking and get to coughing.

  24. Duc Vo says

    I strees Viet Nam

  25. Charles Wayne says


  26. Big Chungus says

    Too much SeaWeed

  27. Thamrongwit Deesorn says


  28. Dstorm Connection says

    This made me sea sick lol

  29. Tomahawk 6 says

    9:34 cool haircut 😀

  30. Antony Mazzucchelli says

    Qualche italiano?

  31. YOUNG 'N GRATEFUL says

    This is what the blue guy from hell boy looked like before he mutated

  32. Nisse Von Gåslefver says

    Scubadiving not knowing about equalizing?

  33. lil nicky says

    What's a mask squeeze

  34. iw5dsz says

    ma vendete tutto e cambiate sport

  35. VoopWithMe says

    This looks like the Pacific Ocean. Where exactly was this dive at? I remember my first dive, the exact same thing happened to me haha. Diving is the best thing that's ever happened to me though and I think everyone should try it at least once in their life.

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