You pump up this mini scuba system by hand and it lets you breathe for 10 minutes underwater

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No scuba gear? No problem! Scorkl is a mini scuba device that can be pumped up by hand and it allows you to dive for up to 10 minutes.

The high-pressure hand pump can pump to 3,000 psi which allows the small canister to hold enough air for 10 minutes underwater.

It easily reached its goal on Kickstarter where it is crowdfunding. You can pre-order a pump, adapter, and Scorkl there for around £320.


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  1. Zach Landon says

    Spare air is literally the same size and gives you like a little over 3 min…this add seems dangerously untrue…not too mention good luck pumping that thing remotely full with a bloody bike pump

  2. JetSurfing Nation says

    A new rip off of this product appears on facebook under the brand Smaco, be careful! Smaco Mini Dive Tank

  3. darthvader2-18 says

    I kinda want to get one of these so I can sit on the bottom of my pool, listening to music through water proof ear puds, and be able to stay under water for more than 15-30 seconds (about how long I can hold my breath)

  4. Libtard slayer says

    It’s also a great way to get Nitrogen narcosis

  5. Deegan Parker says

    It is a scam the real product is the scopel

  6. RoughDraftLifestyle says

    Anyone else notice how much of this video was amateurs TOUCHING things they had no business touching? That's SCUBA diving 101. Don't touch the corral. Don't touch anything.

  7. stephen john baldwin says

    TheMoleMan95 is right…..I myself don`t dive…..but I have friends who have done for years , they are saying the same thing and advised / explained why….I`m going to Spain in June with my son……and going to be sticking with traditional snorkelling ….that`s fun to… but safe & cheap as long as you are careful .

  8. Sean B says

    The fact the its available to the public is a great thing, because if you do even 10 minutes of research online, and stay within the advertised depth, there is no chance you can get yourself killed.

  9. Faisal Bader says

    I have Spare Air, extremely identical, matter of fact this thing is a complete copycat. Guess what.. Spare Air is half the price!

  10. cashinharry says

    There's one like this for sale on eBay:

  11. AdiL says

    bro you make people think this is toy this can kill you if you just use it with out know how scubs diving work

  12. Ryan DaBell says

    The way I see scuba diving is that it's very similar to bass jumping or parachuting in a sense that you should be in instructed on how to do it safely. If someone gave you everything you needed to parachute, and they said "okay just pull this string" would you do it? Probably not. There's more to this product than meets the eye, and it blows my mind how this is even available for the public.

  13. Murry123G3 says

    Spare air cannot even last 10 minutes and to say u can pump 3000 psi with a bike pump is near impossible

  14. Sammy197 says

    No way this can power me for 10 minutes… If it were pressurized directly from the tank maybe… But to claim that a volume 3 times smaller than my lungs can provide 20 times more underwater time than they can is stupid.

  15. Johnathan Kazmierczak says

    They have changed the Kickstarter web site to reflect that this is not a safe toy and should be used by trained persons, but still marketing it to everyone. There is also the issue of intellectual property, but that is not for here.

    Those of you who think this is safe and you can learn on your own… Diving very dangerous for an untrained person. It has taken decades of learning the hard way how breathing compressed air under compressed conditions affects the body. There is no law preventing anyone anywhere from purchasing SCUBA equipment. However there are two certifying bodies (PADI and NAUI) that promote the learning and safe use of this gear.

    Most reputable shops will not fill or rent you tanks that are full unless you have a certification from them. This is professional behavior to protect untrained people.

    This is what generally keeps untrained people from endangering themselves.

    Making a fill it yourself kit invites massive amounts of danger.

    If you think that you are safe only going 10 feet, think again. The upper water column is where the greatest change in gas volume occurs. Holding your breath in as little as 3 feet and surfacing can injure you. Holding your breath from 9 feet to the surface is an increase in volume of air over 25%, your lungs can not grow anywhere near that volume.

    Time. Advertised as 10 min, Its more like 5, with no safety. The original Spare Air WAS the BACK UP.

    Its like driving your car on dohnut spares….

  16. TheMoleMan95 says

    This thing is a DEATH TRAP! They are encouraging untrained people to use substandard air for what is effectively SCUBA. When the untrained person takes their last breath and runs out of air from even 3 meters they will hold their breath and bold to the surface, the air in their lungs will expand by around 30% which is more than enough to cause pulmonary barotrauma or an air embolism both of which are likely to kill them. There is a very real possibility that people who do that will be dead before they reach the surface. There's a reason there's a 4 day course required to use SCUBA even in relatively shallow water. Disappointed this is being advertised!

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