Deep Sea O2 Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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One of the best items I had when we went on our cruise last month was this Full Faced snorkel from Deep. Not only did if fit all of our faces just right, it allows for continued snorkeling thanks to its unique breathing system and never fogs up. Truly an amazing product!! Check it out at the link above!

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Rating: 4.87


    ke nasikuru seki xegraf

  2. scoobydoo316us says

    why do all these video's talk forever before saying who they are made by or never do….. whats the point…. i hadnt finished yet, but still waiting……..

  3. Jason Garfield says

    I flagged this video. Those snorkels are not safe

  4. kaox44 deleted says

    I got a cheap Chinese knock-off…and NEVER have breathing issues. This one looks even better, I think it's user error.

  5. Charles M. says

    Is the strap easy to release?

  6. Charles M. says

    I am guessing you saw hits:

  7. ValikSTV .stupid random SHT says

    We don’t need it too tight naw tight is good good trust me dude try it out and you know right is blast love it lose bad bad tight good good feels amazing in out in out in out dive in out dive in deep out in out finish swimming smoke break back to diving in out hahaha really awesome and fun share if you can cheaper not better bad

  8. Felicia Calimlim says

    I have a stupid question, if i go free diving and im deep down in the water will i still have to hold my breath?

  9. lisa braden says

    Lots of improvements! I recently moved to Florida. Time to learn, see new sights.

  10. Jim McFadyen says

    I'd like to get more information from the manufacturer or the people you contacted is there any way I could get this information thanks Jim

  11. Keto Krafted says

    good review. ordered for my cruise this Saturday.

  12. BeneathMyArmour says

    Great review! I just ordered a very similar product and can't wait to try it. I believe there is a chin drain valve so no need to lift it up, just come up to the surface and let it drain.

  13. Dennis S says

    Just got back from the Bahamas, this was the first time I have seen people using these, I wanted one but then found out that they can be dangerous, Good to see there is one that fixed the CO2 problem, Just stay away from the cheap Chinese copies, not worth losing your life to save 20 bucks. The irony, calling a product with a C02 issue Sea O2

  14. Roy Vannoy says

    Thanks I live in Florida and knew about the first generation that fogged. It's time to buy.

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