How To Choose Your First Mask

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This guide will help you choose your first dive mask.

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  1. Simply Scuba says

    Don't worry this isn't a glitch in the Matrix or deja vu, we have re-uploaded the guide video. For some reason, Mark decided to disappear for 20 seconds, but he's back safe and sound now 🙂

  2. H2Dwoat says

    Hi, any particular mask you would recommend for adding prescription lenses into?

  3. The SlyFlyBoy says

    What would be the best mask for a bearded gentleman such as myself? I am constantly clear my mask under water due to leakage around my moustache and beard. Pure ballz

  4. riley reid says

    awesome video man i loved 3:30 when you did that thing and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris Slay says

    So , what mask do you use with your mustache ? My wife won't let me shave mine .

  6. Diver Dan says

    For scuba or anything really just buy the one that fits your face & holds easily to your face when your only holding it on by sucking through your nose to keep it'll know if it's making a comfortable seal by just doing that..
    Secondly buy the one that has the lowest profile (glass as close to your face as possible) that negates any central pillars or side vision restrictions…(side glass isn't actually looked through)
    If it's close enough to your face it doesn't need to be a single panel or have silly side glass etc as your natural field of vision will be at its optimum …
    Lastly get a black nose pocket as clear ones look old quick & it's very common for the content of your nose to come out & be visible in clear nose pockets..
    Frameless atomic aquatics are noticeably better than most…if your just on a days scuba or snorkel don't pay out too much…(Virtually all modern masks are good as standard so you won't go far wrong with a cheapie)
    Really look at what fits & holds to your face don't let hair get under it & they will fog up when new 85% of people have spit that works as de fog but when new most or all masks fog up & rubbing toothpaste on them can help with the wearing in of the glass…
    One last tip is sun cream will make your face greasy & so your mask will leak…be very careful with that.
    Wash salt off them straps & re box it…

  7. Brandon DeVault says

    Whats the name of the single lens yellow mask?

  8. Trent williams says

    can a cheap snorkeling mask be used for free diving?

  9. GastrophetDrum says

    Sir, I spit on your defog, (spit sound, two spit sounds)

  10. troop1026 says

    What kind of mask is the red and black one? I want one. Anyone know?

  11. Agus Sunarto says

    Still confuse to buy which one….

  12. 40KoopasWereHere says

    I don't use a mask – I use a cardboard box. It's called… Google Scubaboard

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