1. Swamp Chicken ATVentures says

    this is the best style of review I have seen. In the water with the gear.  Everyone else is standing at a table with the gear.  I ask what does this do to show me real life use of the product, not much. I will be looking at your reviews more now that I have seen this my first video of yours. Thanks great review and I am ordering this fin due to your review.

  2. Marie Kearney says

    I bought these in June 2017 and after 55 dives they broke where it flexes. This was my biggest concern when I bought them so I should have listened to my instincts. However, I DID love the fins for maneuvering and lightness and style. These were not meant for "giant stride" entry and are not sturdy where it flexes in the middle at all in my opinion. I over 900 dives on my old Tusa split fins and they are much stronger than these. Has anyone else had these break?

  3. Petrea Cibotaru says

    Hi, I like your reviews. I have a problem with the equalisation with my right ear. I was looking for a PRO EAR 2000 mask, but I didn't found any satisfying reviews. I am interested if you can make a pertinent review about that mask and if you think that is working or not to help me with my problem. Thank you.

  4. Mo Fakhry says

    Can you compare it with the frog plus from cressi?

  5. DracariaEntertainment says

    awesome video idea! consider however to include subtitles in the video.

    and also, how do you equalize with that full face mask?

  6. Luke Beacon says

    Discount Darth Vader

  7. Aboud Aboudi says

    very good thanks

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