1. Eric K says

    This kid’s dumb

  2. Chime Bird, the second says

    I just learned something new – don't ever extend a snorkel to go deeper.

  3. ali bazzi says

    This kid is blowing a tube, where is CPS?

  4. harry hathaway says

    This reminds me of the simpsons when troy mcclure and billy do educational videos

  5. GavSter1000 says

    Yeah but if the hose never went underwater and stayed above water would you be ok?

  6. 5amv3l says

    It didn't show how it actually works. The video sucked.

  7. Bubble But Bandit says

    So why can't you breath through a hose

  8. Clone Studios says

    Hey look it's Conan

  9. Bruhaf Sjdg says

    I tried the house thing

  10. Hrishi Alda says

    I always guessed

  11. Михаил Балашов says

    Who are these dumbasses disliked video?

  12. 9,999,999,999 views says

    Finally a "how snorkels work" video that actually explains how a snorkel works. 90s eras were the best for television educational programs.

  13. Salome Melchor says

    This is ver educational thankyou sir

  14. Casper Bradley says

    Delete this video from youtube

  15. Saucey says

    Yep. – cringe kid

  16. King Jeff The Third says


  17. Izzy G. says

    snork snork snork

  18. Pointl Ess says

    woa, wait a minute. I vaguely remember this being on tv when i was really young. It was only on early in the mornings and I just didn't care enough to watch it. I think the episode I remember was about reaction times using a ruler.

  19. Luke Waggoner says


  20. King Kunta says

    xavier from x men

  21. Andrew Labat says

    But when breathing through a snorkel your not fighting the pressure of the water, which is much greater, but the atmosphere, so maybe I'm not seeing it. But I thought it was mainly due to the fact the clearing stale air, which means depletion in oxygen level, every time though a long tube was the reason, it just takes to much volume our lungs just don't have.

  22. ServalSV says


  23. Eric V says

    wow thank you so much for this. I was curious about snorkeling and was wondering why a long hose technique wouldn't work and found this. looking forward to checking out more of your vids!

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