Choosing The Right Lumens For Your Torch

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Choosing The Right Lumens For Your Torch
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Choosing how bright your dive torch can be at times a right pain. In this video, our scuba expert Mark is talking about how to pick the right Lumens for your dive.

Whether you’re diving in the UK or abroad choosing the right torch is vital, picking the right lumens for your torch will determine what you can or can’t see.

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  1. Big Geordie says

    Why the need for music while you’re talking?

  2. area51r says

    my advice, get the most lumens that you can afford. i personally have a 'big blue 15,000tl' it is super bright 15,000 lumens and yet sometimes i wish i had even more power. you want as many lumens as you can get.

  3. Jonny Bravo says

    In addition to lumens, another couple of factors to consider when buying a torch are beam angle and color saturation. If you're going for a spotlight, the smaller the beam angle, the more focused the spot will be. With a flood, the wider the angle, the more area your flood will effectively cover. The color saturation is more important for photography/videography. The closer to "natural" light the torch produces, the better your subjects will look in the photo/video. For example, natural daylight has a score of color score of 100. Getting a light with a score of 90 will get you pretty close to that natural light.

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