Hawaii investigates full-face snorkel masks

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Safety officials in Hawaii are looking into a recent rise in snorkel-related deaths. Honolulu’s Civil Beat reporter Nathan Eagle joined CBSN with more on the investigation into possible hazards of full-face snorkeling masks.

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  1. Green says

    If you want to use a full face mask. Please invest in a good one. Deep makes one with nose access for equalization and the lowest rated carbon dioxide buildup. Covering your entire face while in the water can be dangerous, even when snorkeling in a few feet of water. So always make sure you buy a well built mask if covering your entire face. There's a reason the separate pieces have been the normal choice for so long, it's safer.

  2. Stevens Simons says

    Putting gas mask underwater is NOT good idea.

  3. marcio shiokawa says

    Well…let me put some medicine/physiology here: I bought 4 of these full face mask. Works wonderfully. But = a NORMAL healthy person with large muscle mass / or just large body that needs lots of oxygen (or worse: person with lungs problem, copd ) will definitely feel horrible with these "full face mask". reason? = when you blow out CO2, some of it will stay in the pipe system, which is much larger than original normal old fashion snorkels. Next breath happens, and you get that CO2 back to your lungs, and less than expected oxygen!, this circle keeps building up each and every breath!!! After 1 minute on that = you will be feeling miserable seeking FRESH AIR!!! I gave it up after few minutes. My kids loved it and didn't feel anything,…but can you rely on a 7 years old feelings / reports ?????

  4. Flyin Ryan Productions says

    4 out of 10? Lol

  5. yoyoyoshio267 says

    That's your problem, idiots putting their masks on wrong, I might just be pessimistic because I collect gas masks and I know how to properly wear a full face mask but when people aren't even putting the mask on properly they are going to have problems, you are supposed to put your chin in then pull the straps over your head and you pull the mask up to take it off, and you also must seal check

  6. John Donnarumma says

    4 deaths with full face masks means that 6 deaths are with snorkel and regular masks? Hmm! What's going on here? U can report this either way! I would report 60% of deaths are related to old fashioned snorkel equipment and that with newer equipment u need to follow instructions for use. Most of the better masks are made by companies with decades of experience in making snorkel and dive experience. This is ur life, don't buy cheap knock off and if u feel uncomfortable get out of the water. Deaths may be related 2 novice snorkelers trying to dive in these masks which they are NOT designed 2 do! My prayers go out 2 the 10 who lost their lives.

  7. karaoke2fame says

    I have one. I took a breath then blocked off inhale tube hole with finger then exhaled and air does go out through a hole in front i could feel it with my hand. I think people need to take deep longer breaths. there is a area around mouth and nose that holds a little air that you breath in and breath out so if you breathe quickly in and out you're almost hypeavinilating because you're not taking strong breaths to bring in enough fresh oxygen from the outside then when you exhale, exhale hard to push the bad air out.

  8. Margie Buchanan says

    Should have a quick release built in. Should also have a one way valve to prevent re-breathing. That mask is a piece of crap death trap.

  9. The Wedge says

    The Russians hacked the snorkel masks

  10. The Egg says

    you have fat people taking in small gaps of air and co2 its not rocket science

  11. Ray Vinagro says

    Lol than take your head out of the water if you feel like you can’t breathe stupid ppl dying for no reason

  12. Uncle Ryan says

    Trump's fault

  13. Sea Bass says

    Put a little hole in a bag and then put the bag over your kids head. You wouldn't?? Not enough CO2 can get out, you say?? A full-faced mask is the same thing

  14. verioffkin says

    panic is aslo an issue, water is not human world anyway

  15. poofendorf says

    If you're too stupid to take off a mask, you shouldn't be in the water or outside at all.

  16. marL ranle says

    better stay on old school snorkel

  17. General Chaos says

    Stop Internet censorship #DiscreditReddit #InternetBillofRights

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