Cressi DIGI 2 and NEON sneak peek *** Digital Dive Console

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The Cressi DIGI 2 and NEON are new releases for 2019. DIGI 2 is a Digital Dive Console and NEON is a personal wrist computer. Find:

The Digi 2 is a new concept in pressure gauge systems by Cressi. It mixes some features of a dive computer into a pressure/depth console.
This sneak peek looks at a few of the features and a full in water review will be along soon. Look for this unit late March 2019.

The Cressi Neon is a new watch style personal dive computer that is feature rich and very affordable. Also coming in March 2019

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  1. TheLoosenit2 says

    Product is an interesting, and not bad, idea but the price point is a little off-putting.  From what I've seen the initial price is about $300.  For a little more, say 350 you can get a Cobra 1 computer  or mares puck air (yes I realize that is because those are being discontinued but something is always being discontinued).  If you were to get a digi 2 and a computer you would spend $300 for a digi 2 and then another 200-400 on a wrist computer (like the Leonardo or Goa etc) brining you up to 500-700 dollars, you can easily get into a full air integrated computer console computer for that.  I wonder if this is the first step to air integrated computers for cressi?  They already make good wrist computers, but nothing that is air integrated, why not take the next step and put their computer software into this thing and make it a full air integrated computer?  I do like the self test on the battery compartment, that is novel and welcome.  Next step self diagnostic regulators so you can do conditions based services rather than annual?

  2. Ya Boi says

    I'm personally looking at one if the Cressi leonardo's just as a nice cheaper dive computer instead of doing charts and tables lol.

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