@trinamason underwater white mask February 27 2018 GX010192

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  1. pal pow says


  2. Ralph M says

    What brand of mask did you use in this video? It is very different from the black and clear ones.

  3. steven k says

    What a body !

  4. Anthony Laura says

    How long can you hold your breath under water ?

  5. matheo mask says

    je kiff trop ton masque

  6. cletus vanndam says

    You make me touch myself Trina

  7. Na Ad says

    Video beautiful .. What kind of camera you use?

  8. Gordon McCoy says

    The only thing that comes to mind is: "Thanks, God, ya done GOOD….!"

  9. Moris- walfish says



    Wow, she very beautiful

  11. Animatronic Pikachu says

    Then wear it.plz

  12. Animatronic Pikachu says

    When doing your next video with water put water in your mask

  13. Uwe Neumann says

    Dear Trina, your perfect to make floatings underwater…..limp floatings a the high of relax….

  14. Steve Kazonic says


  15. Brownies 001 says

    Just amazing love the white mask its the perfect mask for you keep the awesome videos comming

  16. Stefan Müller says

    I like your scuba videos.
    How long can you hold your breath?
    Can you show us? 🙂

  17. Borsos Péter says

    wow, ultra sexy Trina!

  18. bradcool2k7 says

    That mask is nearly as sexy as you. It would look amazing flooded

  19. Jed Rusk says


  20. Zarey O says

    Miss the underwater videos nice to see you wearing a mask again

  21. Gachet180 says

    Amazing, I don't think anyone could be more beautiful.

  22. lowhatralph says

    <3 love u trina

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