Scuba Skill – The Buddy Check Skill

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This video describes the proper way to check your buddy’s equipment before making a dive.

This video is not intended to replace formal scuba instruction. For more information, contact you local dive center.

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Rating: 4.23

  1. Alvaro Ramirez says

    Sexy butt woman

  2. 3Vimages says

    Irresponsible….. No weights check. No tank strap check. No final check. Plus didn't follow normal sequence of BWRAF!

  3. Robbie McGill says

    Her tank is far too low, why isn't buddy sorting this out ???

  4. SeikiBrian says

    1:40 — I completely disagree with this procedure. Blowing into your buddy's oral inflator is unsanitary and unnecessary. Instead, just WATCH your buddy checking his or her OWN oral inflator.

  5. Powl says

    ye he did didnt he màtè

  6. Máté says

    he missed checking the weight belt

  7. martony03 says

    Great video, her tank was sitting very low on her back makes reaching the valve very awkward 

  8. T J says

    Great mag by the way.

  9. T J says

    Very good. Thanks.

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