Scuba Diving Surface Marker Buoy Deploy

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Scuba Diving Surface Marker Buoy Deploy is part of essential skills needed for safe and sound scuba diving experience. At any moment in time, a diver may have to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy aka SMB to signal the surface team of a potential problem or to simply mark the location of the divers.
This skill must be executed while keeping an eye contact with all team members as well as a good trim and buoyancy control during the ascent phase of the dive.
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Rating: 4.59

  1. Ju Hwan Park says

    very good job

  2. USMCRet1993 says

    Excellent video. I enjoyed your clear use of signals stating what you were about to do. I admit a bit of surprise to seeing you take 3 breaths to fill the SMB. I usually fill mine with one breath and release. But each of us has their own way of doing things. Believe me, I'm not saying "wrong" or "right"….. only saying different. Do you have a preferred depth for deploying your SMB? I usually release mine between 30 and 40 feet. Enjoyed watching your video.

  3. George Alexander says

    informative video. Good diver and the music was "'groovy!'

  4. Vincent Martinez says

    shouldn't the finger spool be in your LEFT hand and the line un-spooling away from your hand?

  5. André Nikisch says

    1:00 "prepare & blow.", well… but very good training video!

  6. ftfisher4x4 says

    Why not use your Octopus and puff air into the SMB with the purge valve?  Seems to be the easier, safer way. 

  7. Jason Renoux says

    Sorry for delay… 🙂 Yes, you do ascent in horizontal position, it is better to keep a good control of your buoyancy as well as a good visual on your team

  8. Jason Renoux says

    thanks Joe 🙂

  9. Joe Echhideh says

    well presented !! Good job

  10. malabou75 says

    When you use an SMB, you ascend in a horizontal position correct?

  11. gbyzh says

    how do u use the double ender clip to stop the line from running at the end?

  12. Andy Holden says

    superb as always mate!!

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