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Late 2017 Suunto introduced the Suunto Eon Core as a suprise. Since it’s based on the Eon Steel we went out and looked if it was any better than it’s big brother.

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Rating: 4.89

  1. Daniel Michael Thomas says

    Great video, thanks! keep 'em coming!

  2. john williamson says

    What computer do you use?

  3. Tiptop Exhausts says

    I have the eon steel. And my wife has the core. So easy to use. I do think the eon steel is a masculine computer. But both are fantastic

  4. MW says

    Can you test Deepblu Cosmiq Plus as well please :)?

  5. Jeff Morgan says

    I would also like to say I purchased the bungie cord strap and don't use it. The bungie is designed to be set to one wrist size pretty much. I found that impractical when dry suit diving and going on holiday to warm water so the included watch band strap is more than suffice and allows you to tighten to the proper size. DO NOT CUT the extra strap length, just run it through the strap loop and then back a second time so its not flopping around towards the dive computer, it tucks away nicely. The comment from the video stating no wall charger was included is not a negative. Any one buying this kind of gear already has a had full of USB chargers, we really don't need yet another one to throw out into the land fill some day. Besides you can purchase a USB wall charger for few bucks at a local quick stop if you really need a charger. I agree use the screen protector and purchase a spare (only one included in the retail box and that is fair) for your save a dive kit to have on hand.

  6. Jeff Morgan says

    I have 41 dives on my Eon Core and I love it. I also use MacDive on my MacBook and MacDive app on my iPhone and iPad. I find it super easy to quickly download dives wirelessly from the Eon Core to my iPhone after a dive with just a button push on my MacDive application and it downloads every time. I recommend MacDive for those Apple users out there looking for digital dive log application. All in all a very nice setup! EON Core with rechargeable battery when fully charged supports 19 hours of operation. When using the included SuuntoDM5 on a Mac or PC you can customize what values and settings you want to see on the EON and in what order and configuration so there is quite a bit of flexibility on you desired screen layout. Much easier to read than the small Suunto Dive watch screens.

  7. Steve Bonck says

    Good comments…you can however modify/ customize the display using the app!!!

  8. Pierre Garland II says


  9. arne niemann says

    Thank you.

  10. arne niemann says

    How does it compare to the g2?

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