Suunto D4i Novo // Diving Gear Review

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We had been using the Suunto D4i Novo over the past couple of months while spearfishing and freediving. Josh runs us through our experience with the Suunto D4i Novo and some of the multitude of features it has!

Suunto D4i Training Software:

Rating: 4.44

  1. whynottalklikeapirat says

    The straps aren't worth shit though …

  2. ARRAV says

    Mate, does water get through your mask with that moustache? I've had that issue.

  3. GotoRing0 says

    Thanks for the review. One question on the alarm: You said (around 5:53) that it has buzz/vibrate alarm. I could not find any references online or on SUUNTO website. Does it really vibrate? Thanks.

  4. Slow Diver says

    Cheers for the review. I say go for this or the new D4f if you don't plan to scuba at all. Wouldn't waste your time with Oceanic et al.

  5. 11 says

    440 euros sale

  6. Marlie Havier says

    do you have a dealer here in the Philippines?

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