Scuba Tech Tips: Buying A Regulator, $300 or $800? – S05E09

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Many viewers ask, what is the difference between a $300 and $800 regulator? Do I have to spend more to dive safely? Alec explains the major and minor features of each price range. Regulator selection should be based primarily on annual number of dives and the type of diving you do.

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  1. Bubble Crush says

    Dear Mr. Alec Pierce, i have question on regulator hose by nylon. some of nylon hose inside is urethan layor which was crystalized and powder crushed. If you have any more infomation, please update with buddies. Thanks ! My mento !

  2. Rhodium45 says

    I love this guy! 😀

  3. claudia jensen says

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your videos! Best in the http://WWW... and the matter of fact that your channel is add free shows me there are still people out there who are really giving valuable information because they LOVE what they do! I wish you were MY dive store!!! But I will check if your store is online to find somehow… many of my dive buddies watch your videos lol and we say "safe second" with a blink of an eye lol (because we don't use that term in the US lol only Alex Peirce fans do!! you are the Jacques Cousteau for scuba gear!! BTW since I was on an budget when I wanted my own gear I went with the Scubapro MK11 with a C370 and a R195 as a "safe second" and I love it.. besides a galileo luna I got used for an awesome price and backed up with a good old fashioned gauges system ( because i am German and we love safety lol) I rather carry the extra hose lol

  4. Mark Stengel says

    Alec that was educational & entertaining. I used us divers back in 1971 & 72 made famous by Jacques Cousteau and his wonderful tv series. Was my cousin not mine but always loved scuba. Had 1st GI Joe sailor and got the scuba outfit was 5, then Thunderball & 007 Sub Rolex. The gear is so cool. A fun hobby and not that expensive to have fun with. The dives are sometimes spectacular. Truly is inner space the experience of diving. I enjoyed watching you talk about regulators and features & benefit. Get what you pay for & cheap is dear God Bless Henry Limpet says hi

  5. Chauncey Stewart says

    Do you suggest getting a Din or Yoke regulator?

  6. Click Diver says

    can you talk about dive knife

  7. AQ Al-Saud says

    Damnit Alec I started SCUBA Diving in the 60's but life intervened until watching your wonderful series of TechTips and I went out and bought the Oceanic Zeo FDXi DVT A Clamp 1st Stage and 2nd Stage Maxflex of course – I don't care if the only place they allow me to use it is in the bloody bathtub I just had to have one. LoL Oh yeah what is the Safe Second you use with that?

  8. Pricediver says

    Gosh love the look of the SCUBAPRO A700 woww, I think that is my first regulator system right there, cant go wrong with them

  9. caetano coutinho says

    There’s 3 sets.
    The third set, which shows a couple pics of the regs, are Dacor Viper. Very good Dacor model. These sets are 18 years old. The Viper was serviced 18 months ago and used within the last 6 months in Bahamas.
    I have not serviced or used the other 2 sets for quite some time but they are working properly. $250 for all 3 sets. It’s a killer deal I just don’t need them anymore ….I want to buy this would be good deal. Cos I trust u as professional

  10. Justin Shrawder says

    Great Video, very informative! Thank you for doing these types of videos.

  11. Felipe C H Bertin says

    Hello Alec, great video as always!
    I've been watching your videos to help me choose between a Scubapro Mk21 and a mk25 first stages. Do you have any comments on comparing those?
    I can't find videos or comparisons lists about it (just a big difference in price!).
    Any comments on the Scubapro r195 second stage?

  12. Andy Borg says

    Hey Alec, super info.!!! I am wondering: What can you do if you wear glasses? I am not good with contacts but would like to start diving. Thanky a million 🙂

  13. hopecamel says

    This guy is alot of fun to watch

  14. Carlo Parducho says

    Hi, Alec. I enjoy watching your videos. Here's another idea: Buying a drysuit, $1,200 or $4,000. I got kinda cold on a dive trip last weekend so I really thought about drysuits except I've seen drysuit divers complain about getting cold while I was doing fine with a wetsuit (in fact one of my buddies wearing a drysuit decided to head back early for the same reason).

  15. Widget says

    I'm looking to become a research diver and the company I'm currently in contact with uses Apecks regulators. I recently saw a new regulator called the XL4 that costs less than £200, and under its features it says low weight, (jaw fatigue) suitable for tec diving and cold water. Don't suppose you could do a review of it? I'd love to see your opinion of it.

  16. Tamer Salah Elden says

    Alec thanks for your big efforts
    Can I use one 1 stage reg as Sidemount and back mount or dubletank dives ??

  17. vespers_ says

    And here's me using conshelfs feom the 60s and 70s. Dead simple, reliable, easy to service. Perfect for rec diving.

  18. long dong silvers says

    I own an oceanic Zeo. Love it. Breaths so easy etc etc

  19. TheSollyLama says

    I think the primary thing people should look for in a reg set is a sealed and balanced first stage. A balanced second stage matched to the first is a nice bonus. If you plan to travel then more $$$ can mean lighter, smaller regs. If you plan on diving in more extreme conditions, then more $$$ gets you specialty equipment.
    I spent about $800 on a Glacia reg set because I mostly dive cold water, winter, and occasionally ice. It functions perfectly no matter the conditions. Would a less expensive unit do the same? Probably. I use my kid's $400 Micron in all the same conditions and it has yet to ever fail. And the Micron also sees duty as a travel reg set for warm waters. So unpaid pitch for the Micron I guess, but I've had nothing but success with it.

  20. Ian Williams says

    You'd actually use the bottom port on that mk 25 1st stage for the A700. It has a higher performance.

  21. Pricediver says

    Hey Alec!
    Just wondering a double hoses regulator will also provide swivel feature, because it has rubber hoses, but it doesn't have the venturi effect and the bubbles comes behind of the diver which is great. And double hoses regulator is way cheaper than 800 bucks:)
    Thank you !

  22. Juan Caicedo says

    Hey Alex I was wondering if you could do a video and explain how to work on a regulator. In other words how to do maintenance on it although maintenance should go to a shop it would be nice to understand the internals of a regulator in how they function. Cheers

  23. Paul Palaka says

    I absolutely love your tech tips and vintage scuba videos. I've been snorkeling my whole life and want to go deeper and will be fully certified soon. Do you have a video about full face scuba masks like the Ocean Reef Neptune? I'm looking for maximum comfort and fun in the future but my dive instructor is suggesting I never use these things. What do think of these and have you ever used them? Thank you.

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