4500 psi Tanks for Airguns

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We are reviewing the Omega line of 4500 psi Air Cylinders. These lightweight and portable units come in a variety of sizes and options and are the best companion to precharged airgun shooters. From the mini 12cu/ft model which drops in your backpack or clips on your belt, to the 75cu/ft model with the Meter-Long Zero-Kink flexible hose, you are set for any airgun situation!

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  1. Felipe Divis says

    Alguien sabe por que mi tanke omega pierde la precion pongo 3500.psp y en dos dias baja a 1000.psp ayuda por fabor

  2. MrBrational says

    Cubic feet or cubic inches? My tank I just purchased says 90 cubic inches volume. It's about 13 inches in length with regulator.

  3. hksjoshua says

    If only they were not so damn high

  4. Arturo Cada says

    HI, what is the thread size of din300 valve fit in that tank , M18 X1.5 thread fit ?

  5. Wade Deeds says

    Prices PLEASE. The small one $$$

  6. Zunaid Tarin says

    Hi what gas is used in here co2 or air?what does the large tank cost?

  7. Tom Jabar says

    Is Omega 75 cu. ft. 4500 psi Portable Air Tank Have a quick male refill connector as you show in small model at 3:27

  8. Marcos Javier says

    Hi, it is from china?

  9. JCI1990 says

    I wish you would have showed filling the small air tank with one of those big tanks instead of only filling the gun

  10. Moot says

    Hes supposed to say cubic inch but he a dumbass

  11. Vinny C says

    You said the small tank was 12cf how does that compare to a 90ci tank ? I can't find a conversion that makes sense lol.

  12. Junard Burigsay says

    Is it possible to just order the head valve and hose only? What's the thread measurement?

  13. Marco A. Marcella says

    Do I need a DIN fitting to fill up my Omega 75 cu-ft 4,500 psi tank with my Omega Air Charger, or can I just use the hose that came with the tank?

  14. Robazac Garcia says

    the tank can be fill whit nitrox???????

  15. N. Davidsng says

    I need a tank that can be filled at a paintball shop during summer. Winter I gotta drive an hour to a scuba shop. Is the HP3 valve Compatible for both?

  16. José Federico says


  17. omegaweapon2008 says

    I look at AOA site and i only see regular 75 and 100 cubic feet tank. How come you guys dont list the 75 cubic feet tank with upgrade valve hp3 on your site? Is that something we must ask for when we order. Is the 75 cubic feet tank with hp3 valve same price as the regular or is that extra?

  18. laz0524 says

    The glycerine oil does not make the gage any more accurate, it is there so the needle doesn't fluctuate and damage the gage.

  19. George Adams says

    What jumps out at me is that all of these tanks are so perfectly round… and every time you set them on the counter they are rolling. I'm surprised that they don't offer or just come with a tank holder… I would think that dropping a tank like this on to a concrete floor would be like setting off a bomb. Reply if one is available…

  20. David Hays says

    Hmm yeah… stroke that tank.

  21. AirGunWarriors says

    Approximately, how many 3000-psi fills from the mini tank? Thanks, AGW.

  22. AirGunWarriors says

    Thanks for informative video! What is the minimum output an how Airgun bottle should have? Thank again, AGW.

  23. eric1138 says

    Ok. If no one is going to ask the obvious question I will. If your tank is using the HP3 valve how does the Dive shop fill your tank if it not using the DIN fitting? Is there an adapter? If so, does the Dive shop usually carry it or is this something we need to buy?

  24. Mark Jones says

    Do you sell tank regulators?

  25. GTImotion says

    Do you have a direct like to the upgraded option of the 75cu/ft tank? thanks

  26. spiderman0863 says

    I purchased an omega 75 cf tank a month ago and had it filled to 4300 psi . I only used it a few times to fill my marauder. I  noticed today that after removing the protective sleeve that the body of the tank looked a lot lighter than it did a month ago. It's almost as if the fibers are more prominent and lighter through the epoxy coating but only through the body of the tank not the top or bottom. the top and bottom are medium grey and the body is very light grey. Is this normal or is the outward pressure causing this?  Thanks

  27. 209chevymon says

    You said the bigger tank fills a marauder roughly around 30 times can the mini tank also do this if there both 4500 psi tanks or does the one with higher cubic ft give more fills want to know this info before i buy 1

  28. taemard says

    What is the price for a mini tank ? I have the big tank and a Shoebox to fill it but the mini is a must have for my field shooting .

  29. Lyle Casteel says

    I need one so I can hunt more varmints!
    Farmyard Rabbits: http://youtu.be/SrFajVSgVCI

  30. agVTEC1 says

    Ps please do more air gun reviews

  31. agVTEC1 says

    Those tanks looks quilty thst is what I need in the UK. Good review dude.

  32. Airguns, Bows & Cartridges says

    Are these available in the UK

  33. yoss shooter says

    Good video but plz do more gun reviews or hunting series like the south africa series keep up the good job you guys cheers from mexico

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