Choosing The Right Snorkel

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Choosing The Right Snorkel
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A snorkel is a multi-purpose tool that you can use in all sorts of water-sports to help keep your airway clear. In its purest form, a snorkel is simply a tube with a fixed curved section which finishes with a mouthpiece. Its main purpose is to allow the user to breathe easily and efficiently without having to raise their head out of the water but there are other benefits to owning a snorkel.

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  1. Simply Scuba says

    Read our carbon Dioxide in full face masks here:

  2. bigblue1762 says

    Do the one way valves types clear as easy as the standard old fashioned type
    Please help?
    I wanted to up grade my 30 year old one but not sure if the new ones clear as easily

  3. alisak says

    I worked for a resort in the Maldives and we had 1 person sadly passing away as he snorkeled with one of those full face masks. If there's just a tiny bit of water entering the mask it creates a vacuum and you can't take it off anymore. So he basically suffocated under water. Similar things happened to 2 more snorkelers.
    Please be incredibly careful with these masks!

  4. TheSollyLama says

    Find the right snorkel, then take it off your dive mask and probably never use it.

  5. Kimon Froussios says

    "As you can see…" : No, not really, because you cut to the mares promo vid…

  6. Chaos Theory says

    The most important question is: will it fit in one of my pockets?

  7. joshua smith says

    I want to buy a dry snorkel.

  8. rfrcek says


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