Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System – Mounting Ultima into a drysuit with fixed latex seals

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The Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System is a versatile system that although designed to seamlessly fit into a Waterproof Drysuit fitted with Integrated Silicone Seals (ISS) it also quickly and easily fits into any drysuit that has standard latex wrist seals without the need to alter the suit, cut the seals or permanently glue the system in place.

This video demonstrates how simple it is to fit the system to any existing latex wrist seal and also shows how the system can accommodate an additional silicone wrist seal to act as a redundant seal.

You can find more out information about the Waterproof Ultima Dry Gloves System on our website at

The redundant silicone seals are available at and the range of Waterproof Drysuits can be found here

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