5 Of Our Favourite Fins

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5 Of Our Favourite Fins
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Full foot fins are generally lighter and more flexible and are designed for snorkeling or diving in warm waters where the amount of equipment needed for diving is reduced, therefore reducing the energy required to propel the diver through the water. Full foot fins are designed to be worn barefoot or with specifically made fin socks which help to reduce discomfort from prolonged use.

Open heel fins are typically heavier duty fins engineered to produce significantly increased propulsion for divers. Open heel fins are by far the most commonly used fin for diving, especially in cooler waters where increased thermal protection and equipment is required to safely enjoy diving. The extra equipment that the diver carries also increases the resistance when moving through the water which means the fin materials need to be stronger and stiffer to work effectively.

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Tusa Hyflex Switch –
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Mares Avanti –
Scubapro Seawing –

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Rating: 5.00

  1. stephen s says

    Must have been painful to recommend those bs fins .. jet fins ftw

  2. Patrick B says

    what do you think about the Hollis F2 fins?

  3. Josh Adler says

    RK3's are hands down the best all around fin

  4. Hellrazor says

    Why isnt the volo power in there?… What do you think of the mares volo power ?

  5. Ouestvotre vignette says

    Avanti Quattro any day

  6. Rusty Eel says

    Hollis bat fin

  7. Yggdrasil42 says

    Love those RK3 fins! Not the easiest for flutter kicks but perfect for frog, back and helicopter kicks. Great control.

  8. Calfrodo says

    Seawing nova 2

  9. Tiina Törmänen says

    Scubapro Seawing Nova fins, love them when using wetsuit.
    Apeks rk3 HD, feeling not much different in general after seawing nova fins, but with drysuit apeks rk3 hd are superior. Seawings bit too loose with drysuit, not used the seawing nova gorillas.

  10. The jetfin. Strong, powerfull and fast. A little weighty but helps wen wearing drysuit.

  11. ChristopherPen says

    I really like the Mares Avanti Quattro fins. My favourite go-to fins!

  12. miket446 says

    Cressi Frog plus for me, absolutely love 'em

  13. Paul White says

    I went with the Aqualung X Shots, but my wife wanted me to go with concrete boots instead………..I think I made the right choice? Do you have a current review on them Mark? The X Shots, not the concrete boots?

  14. Kimon Froussios says

    I recently switched to quattro+. Solid all-rounders. Love that their colour applies to the whole fin instead of just accents.

    I don't trust hinges, they look like failure points.
    Split blades make no sense, unless you explicitly want to sacrifice push power for an easier kick (ie. if you are prone to cramps).
    And tech fins are very monotonous. All brands look identical. At least they've started to make them in colour now, so I would consider that orange RK3.

  15. tom thompson says

    no force fins ??

  16. JULIAN SORTEX says

    Got the mares Avanti in red. I'm so glad i bought them instead of the atomic.

  17. NAT-021 says

    I’m using Hollis F2. It’s perfect for me, very comfortable, efficient kick, not so heavy like other jet fin, fit nicely in my gear bag.

  18. isi schorr says

    would you recommend the new mares excite or excite pro over the quattros? unfortunately the quattros don’t have XS size so i’m looking for alternatives

  19. Richard Slater says

    I have the Nova's in white. Keep meaning to clean them. What I did notice is when I started using them my legs ached, maybe a different strength of fin. After a couple of weeks it was all fine but I do wonder if other people notice it when changing fins.

  20. Joachim Haidner says

    Atomic X1 blade fin
    Oceanic manta ray fin
    Tusa hyflex switch fin
    Scubapro twin jet max
    Beuchat wrap 1 fin
    All really different but all great to dive !

  21. life's for living says

    Ive got the tusa hyflex switch absolutely love them very light compared to my hollis f1s which are also amazing only downfall is their weight so cant travel abroad with them…

  22. Caleb says

    I have wide feet. Will the RK3 fits well? I’m currently on XL 4 SP Jetfin

  23. RedneckMedic 85 says

    I really enjoy my ScubaPro Jet Sport fins

  24. DracariaEntertainment says

    I dont like split fins at all. I would never say they are efficient

  25. DracariaEntertainment says

    Scubapro gorillas. Love them

  26. PeterPetahPetah says

    As a newbie to scuba diving, I did my purchase pretty much all based on your recommendation videos
    Bare Sport S Flex
    Tusa Solla
    Tusa CEOS Freedom

    All very solid products and worked really well
    Great recommendation! Ill make sure to come back to your videos when I decide to purchase my BCD and regulator!

  27. Scuba Travel says

    No dive rite XT fin? Seemed like a lot of people are obsessed with them (I have yet to try em)

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