How to Swim with Flippers | Fear of Water

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In this video you’ll learn how to swim using flippers, or swim fins

it’s a great workout and good fun too!

This video is part of a series all about overcoming a fear of water, see the full program here:

This video was created in partnership with Decathlon, Sikana’s partner for the Sports Program, as well as Audrey Bouillé, a fully-qualified lifeguard and Pierrick le Floch a professional swimming coach, who provided their expertise on the topic.

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To help us translate the videos:

“Carefree – Gilles B –
Coconut water – Gilles B –”

Translation – Marie Bouchet

Rating: 4.54

  1. Paris Wolf says

    For lap swimming, I find it a better workout using short fins. There is less physical discomfort for one thing.

    And second your kick is closest to your kick would be not using such a long fin for laps.

    If you do lap turns while using fins, the shorter fins is better for those.

    I like using fins because they help me enjoy my swimming, and I stay in the pool longer. I only swim for fitness. A competitive swimmer needs to be able to swim with no fins, so they limit their fin use on swim sets during workouts.

  2. José Avendaño says

    What a beautiful ass and thighs

  3. Mohammad Zandsalimy says

    0:56 "your legs must move from the hips down, and not from your knees" you say?

  4. princess sarragozza says

    What am I doing here
    I'm a scuba diver

  5. uncle jim says

    I knew most of these but it helped me to get in the right position, I was off a bit before! Also, I didn’t choose this name for YouTube.

  6. ꕥSpashkyꕥ says

    Thank you so much !

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