Best Dive Knives – 2019

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Best Dive Knives – 2019
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Dive knives are an essential piece of kit that every scuba diver needs to have. So let’s take a look at the best ones of 2019.


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Small Squeeze Knife

Small Squeeze Titanium Knife

Trilobite Knife

Dive Knife

SK75 Knife

Line Cutter Titanium Knife

Mini Knife

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  1. Simply Scuba says

    The sale of knives and articles with a blade or point, solvents, and other items are subject to age restrictions. Because of this, certain items across our store will only be sold to persons over the age of 18 and will be subject to an age verification check. Read more here –

  2. Dan Bowkley says

    I dive with two knives, a Tusa Imprex X-pert II mounted on the inside of my left calf, and an XS Scuba Mini Fogcutter on the right shoulder of my BC. I learned to dive in the California Channel Islands and the whole area is basically one giant entanglement hazard, so all my gear is optimized for not getting tangled (reg is mounted upside down, for example) and getting myself untangled when it happens.

  3. ocean diver says

    "Scuba Pro" titanium dive knife won't become rusted for lifetime, maintenance free, no need for lubrication… I hv been using it since 1996 until now. Highly recommended. It comes in 2 sizes. Big one n small one.

  4. Team Peg Leg says

    But with a knife that small how am I supposed to cut through the exhaust hoses of enemy divers?

  5. Kimon Froussios says

    Instead of forking out for titanium, just lubricate a steel knife. I wash mine only once a year when I replace the grease, I never dry it, and it's still not rusty.

    Also, everyone knows the size of the knife is directly indicative of diving skill. All those teensy tiny blunt blades are for n00bz! Real pros dive with full dual-wield swords!

  6. ultimatdestroier says

    Use your knive as a pose retainer. XD

  7. John Rambo says

    Empty words… cheap commercial .

  8. rmod42 says

    While titanium knives do not rust like the steel ones, you fail to mention the inferior edge holding of the material and how much more difficult it is to reform the edge once it is lost. Stainless might need to be washed occasionally but its easy to sharpen and even with use it stays sharp. I would argue that's a better trade off than a knife that doesnt have rust patches but couldn't cut butter.

  9. Mark O'Leary says

    I've got the Aqualung squeeze knife and it is very ergonomic, but it comes absolutely blunt, it wouldn't cut butter let alone line! With the serrations it is also quite tricky to sharpen without a sharpening stone.

  10. Klemmson says

    Also I have to agree with Ben Arthur below as the Spyderco H1 "Salt" knives are great folders and extremely rust resistant.

  11. Klemmson says

    I have to agree on selecting the new Aqualung Squeeze knives for this video. They are really comfortable to hold, easy to use, and have multiple attachment options. I also agree that they need the titanium version in a blunt tip…like, I want this knife in titanium so bad but really would prefer it in blunt tip. Any word on if that will be offered soon? If they won't be offering it I will likely buy the stainless steel small squeeze blunt tip as it still got a top rating from ScubaLab as far as being rust resistant after being left in saltwater for 24 hours.

  12. It’s me Curt says

    Who won the giveaway?

  13. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    They’re not dive knives, they’re cutting tools.

  14. Ben Arthur says

    Interesting breakdown. The spiderco h1 dive knifes are awesome. I about 100 SW dives with it and almost no rust. The edge is still sharp (ok I sharpen it some).

  15. cisco says

    You Britts make me sad. You all lost your freedoms and all for nothing. After you all end up banning knives what’s next?

  16. Eamon Shields says

    Awesome breakdown !! Thanks

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