Daily Scuba News – Is the future of SPG’s digital?!

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Is the future of SPG’s digital?!
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The first time I watched 47 Meters Down, don’t watch it it’s terrible, I laughed at many of the many inaccuracies including the digital SPG’s because apart from a Uwatec one year ago I couldn’t think of a digital submersible pressure gauge, they’re all analog. Well, Cressi has thrown their hat into the ring with the Digi2 which as you’ve probably guessed is a digital pressure gauge that connects to your regs and lets you know how much gas you have left.


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  1. Simply Scuba says

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  2. Patrick B says

    If i use this pressure gage with my Mares Puck dive computer it seems to be more affordable than to buy an air integrated dive computer which costs about 800€ sometimes without transmitter.

  3. b st john says

    Aqualung made a epg a while ago that did almost the same thing

  4. Chris Hendrickson says

    I use a shearwater perdix AI that does everything this does. I still have a standered pressure gauge as I have seen failures with digital gauges. It is a nice to have but do like having the redundancy.

  5. Robert Thompson says

    So, it's basically an air integrated dive computer…..

  6. Lenny Germany says

    have to follow the other comments , my Mares Quad Air & LED transmitter ( ok getting 2nd replacement already ) does all this and a bit more , but still do have the analogue gauges , for obvious reasons too.

  7. DavidV328 says

    Well, it's cheaper than buying a new computer with AI, and does more or less the same, except it is not registered, where as in the computer you can pull your SAC rate, air consumption combined with depth, and other information combined, for later analysis.
    If you already have a AI prepared computer, but never bought the tank sensor, than a sensor is cheaper than this Cressi digital pressure sensor.
    If you still had an analog SPG because of redundancy due to a possible battery failure, than this is also not for you.

  8. TheLoosenit2 says

    Product is an interesting and not bad idea but the price point is a little off-putting.  From what I've seen the initial price is about $300.  For a little more, say 350 you can get a Cobra 1 computer  or mares puck air (yes I realize that is because those are being discontinued but something is always being discontinued).  If you were to get a digi 2 and a computer you would spend $300 for a digi 2 and then another 200-400 on a wrist computer (like the Leonardo or Goa etc) brining you up to 500-700 dollars, you can easily get into a full air integrated computer console computer for that.  I wonder if this is the first step to air integrated computers for cressi?  They already make good wrist computers, but nothing that is air integrated, why not take the next step and put their computer software into this thing and make it a full air integrated computer?

  9. blankchck says

    Where's the heads up display?

  10. Chris Underwater says

    Interesting. I'm a bit torn if it really would be useful though. You can get the same features from a modern dive computer + AI, so this would be a backup for air at best. It lacks the other functions of a dive computer, so it cannot serve as a complete backup for the computer. So at the end of the day it's just a digital pressure gauge after all.

  11. Discrete Loner says

    I like that it is digital. To be honest I don't even wear or use analog clocks or watches because I don't like the small stick that shows the level on the scene.

    The rest of my other concern is the accuracy of the two in comparison.

    I'm ok with the charging system. Or least it is in the least of my concern unless it really make my electricity bill goes up to the significant amount that I should be worry. I have other things that need charging too such as my phone so I am adopted to the idea that many things need charged.

  12. Luis C says

    So…difference between this and having a dive computer with integrated wireless air?

  13. kev clements says

    Time remaining is a brilliant idea.

  14. Anton Crowley says

    I like it! I think the time remaining is a good idea…oh yeah….first!

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