Regulator Configuration Workshop –

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You are watching lesson preview 50 of 169 – Complete step by step workshop covering every part of my side mount regulator setup. In this particular video I am configuring the Apeks sidemount regulator set.

This complete lesson is 22 minutes in total. It is 1 of 72 videos that you will gain access to with our sidemount online course membership, all details found on

The sidemount series is currently 11 hours 12 min and is included when you purchase package 1, 2, 3 or 5

Our online training is suitable for all levels of scuba divers, whether you’re a newly certified or highly experienced recreational, technical diver or dive instructor my online training will benefit you.

It is modular in design so you can watch and re-watch all sections as many times as you like, each course is broken down into small manageable sections, each with many 3, 5, 10 or 15 minute single videos. Out of all 169 videos, average length is 8 Minutes. All videos have complete English subtitles.

You just choose your chosen equipment configuration, backmount single & twinset, sidemount or technical multi-cylinder. Note all HD training videos are edited with a complete voice-over using the latest production quality audio and video recording equipment available.

22 Hours 52 Minutes | 169 Videos (currently available)

Free Course Lessons | 1 h 2 min | 9 Videos
Backmount Course | 2 h 23 min | 22 Videos
Sidemount Course | 11 h 12 min | 72 Videos
All Divers Course | 3 h 47 min | 25 Videos
Technical Diving Course | 3 h 2 min | 26 Videos
Finning Techniques | 1 h 22 min | 13 Videos
Hand Signals | 31 min | 5 Videos

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  1. Ranger77 says

    I found your channel a few weeks ago and have since subscribed. I really enjoy your straight forward easy to understand content. quick question, what size tanks are those in the video?

  2. My St Kitts Dive Buddy says

    Very detailed video. A must for any sidemount diver or would be sidemount diver.
    I appreciate the amount of work that goes into video production, I am an avid publisher of warm water diving vids.

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