1. Alison Ho says

    30 dives with mine and I love it so much! Got back from a liveaboard in the Bahamas recently and everyone kept commenting on how comfortable I look in it. It's also great for drysuit diving locally in the pacific northwest and I don't have to deal with the bruises from weight belt digging in ever again. I actually needed 2 pounds less with this BCD which was a pleasant surprise.

  2. john williamson says

    i have one,very happy,no issues

  3. Watermelon Kush says

    Great review, I think I’m going to purchase this BCD before my next dive trip. Your yard makes me think you are a hobbit, perhaps you live near the Fangorn River and have been drinking the water, thus you got taller? Do you ever dive in rivers to look for shining things? If you do, and find any rings just leave them ok.

  4. Andreas Simanjuntak says

    Hello..I really like to see your review, and thank you.
    May I ask you, that I will buy BCD, which one that you suggest for me to buy which have best performance, Apeks Black Ice or Scubapro Hydros pro. Thank you in advance.

  5. Flugschüler Fluglehrer says

    Hi. Thx for the video. Looks like a nice alternative to a harness. Is there a way to mount two cylinders?

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