Subtle Ways To Get Your Friends Into Scuba Diving

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Subtle Ways To Get Your Friends Into Scuba Diving
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The online Oxford dictionary describes Subtle as ‘so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyse or describe.’ In today’s video we’re going to look at some subtle ways to get your land loving friends to go scuba diving with you. Much like Leo in Inception we’re going to be deep diving into your friends subconscious to plant the idea of learning to scuba dive with you, just with less Nolan booms or ambiguous endings where you’re not sure if you’re awake or sleeping but saying that; Shaun is in control of the sound so he may put in a few inception booms so you don’t fall asleep.

Now obviously the best way to get them into diving is to hack into their YouTube account and subscribing them to our channel and letting us do the rest but some might call that invasive or illegal but lets think of some Subtle ways to get your friends into Scuba diving like changing their desktop background to a screenshot of Blue Planet.


The Buzzy Kiwi

The Blonde Abroad


Fishing with Luiza

Jason Sentell

All Sounds


Presenter(s): Mark Newman feat. Shaun Johnson
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Artist: Mommy x Philanthrope

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Rating: 4.90

  1. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Skip to 2:45 to get to the actual video

  2. DracariaEntertainment says

    This was a great one ☺

  3. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Sometimes people respond better to reverse- psychology. Don’t try to push them into it. Just mention how amazing one of your dives was every time you see them subtly.

  4. joshua smith says

    Have your friends watch the "seaQuest" TV series, but don't let them watch "Jaws 1-3, revenge, 47 meters down, or deep blue sea". Don't let them watch open water or the story of the USS Indianapolis either.

  5. Cthippo1 says

    Figure out a way to overcome the cost as a barrier to entry. $1000 out of pocket to get started in a hobby is, frankly, a lot. Even then, you won't own most of your own gear and so you'll still be spending more money every time you want to go dive. 2-$3000 to get to the point where you are only paying for air fills and fuel to get to the site? Per person? Nobody under 60 can afford that in my world, and the people over 60 would rather take a cruise.

  6. HypnoticAbyss says

    I just bought my non diver friends DSD's and we are heading to the pool tomorrow. I hope to end up with some extra diving buddies.

  7. That Guy says

    Help friends overcome their fears of water in a non-pushy way…hmm. Underwater gentlemen's club?

  8. Alex Pikulski says

    Mark & Shaun are the best XD

  9. Kevin Esmeier says

    Ok, Mark. Enough messing about. Here’s your challenge. #certifyShaun. And no hacking his identity or messing with his screen background. Put your money where your mouth is. No offense, someone else should teach him. You have a conflict of interest LOL.

    Note to Shaun: Psst – little secret. Mark doesn’t have to be your buddy. You can go on a trip without him and he can fend for himself video-wise while you’re gone. Then you can have a great scuba trip and come back to find Mark loves and respects you so much because he will know your value from your absence. ✊

    Seriously, you know more than you think you do about diving. You should go for it. It will also fix the OCD problem I have that one of my favorite YouTube channels is about scuba diving but it’s produced and edited by someone that doesn’t dive. Please fix this for me (because it really is all about me). I mean, I hate to see you missing out on the fun.

  10. DJ Barrett says

    I'm working on convincing my friend to dive with me thanks for the video guys

  11. Afterhours101 says

    And this is why I'm subscribed to you guys love the video Funny stuff

  12. Blue Horizon Diving says

    Great video as always Mark and Shaun! Boots is awesome dive show and massive. DEMA is hugely overrated and really disappointing IMHO. I thought DEMA would be massive and incredible but so disappointing compared to Boots.

  13. ddaytona1 says

    i needed this

  14. Paul M says

    I dive to get away from my land friends and be with my special scuba friends. If my land friends want to join in the fun, well, they know how to go about it.
    Seems like dive shops want us to do their bidding for them. Keep pounding the pavement and promote the sport yourself.

  15. SkyBlockPlayer says

    Well, at the boot you normally don’t see normal Land-Guys. 🙂
    At the Boot in Germany you See established brands and a lot of fish-Guys 😀 from all over the world

    Greetings from Car-Land xD

  16. SubtleNinja says

    Have you gone scuba diving in Turkey before? If so; in how many different areas and which one was your favourite?

  17. Tyler Zehfus says

    Ha! Joke's on you! I don't have friends! Oh, wait…..

  18. Timperi YT says

    Im young so first im gonna snorkel then maybe squba

  19. autorog1234 says

    Too long

  20. Waleed Zaghloul says

    Don't put interrupting ads

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