Snorkel Set : Full Face Snorkeling Mask + Adjustable Diving Fins review

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#OceanView Snorkel Set : Full Face Snorkeling Mask + Adjustable Diving Fins This full face snorkeling mask and fins set is perfect for snorkeling in nice conditions. This is not for an avid snorkeler who’s comfortable in the water and wants to be able to dive down even a little. The seal is soft but the mask itself is very hard plastic and it presses on the face really hard if you try to go under. However, the snorkel mechanism is excellent. I dove down and no water has gotten into my mask at all. This is perfect for anyone who is not very comfortable in the water and likes to use a flotation device so that they stay on top of the water at all times. I didn’t have any problem with the mask fogging even though I didn’t use a defogging solution at all. Overall it’s a great product for anyone who wants to enjoy snorkeling without having to deal with the water getting into their eyes, nose, and mouth.

Rating: 3.56

  1. dXb says

    This mask has killed a good amount of people already, due to carbon dioxide building up and making you dizzy. Also the straps are rather tight, making it hard to pull the mask off in an emergency The design is one of the most retarded you can possibly find.

  2. hugo brutus says

    She high af

  3. Robbie McGill says

    Another stupid gimmick, learn to snorkel properly !!!

  4. A.New.Viewer says

    Sm/Md/Lg/XL are the sizes.

  5. QJ Jessica says

    I tried since then has a flat front and have been pretty disappointed in how it distorts your field of view around the outside.

  6. Eestoyen H2O says

    thanks for yours usefull advise…

  7. Cecilia Cervantes says

    imc really scsred to dip my face in the water

  8. Cecilia Cervantes says

    can you breath under water

  9. DinxTV says

    I love mine too! check out my vid:)

  10. Janban Lolz says

    But what if im literally the 4.7 inches do i get the large or small?

  11. Palm Reviews says

    yes it is excellent for snorkeling on the surface. if you want I can try testing breathing under, but it's not comfortable to go under with it because the mask is hard plastic and pressure from the water creates too much pressure

  12. Spinnerx Pro says

    I am super happy u did this review bcoz I didn't know if i should buy it and now i am going to buy it

  13. guytano Kiesel says

    Can you swim under with breathing

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