Best 2019 full face snorkel mask, now with pressure equaliser

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Rule 1: Always swim with a partner in the open water

The silicon nose piece on the full face snorkeling mask allows me to relieve the air pressure in my ears so I can dive deeper. I wear L/XL size of the previous full face masks and this, although more compact, fits comfortably. The eye lens does not fog up. It comes with a go pro adapter. The ear plugs is a nice feature for those who are prone to ear infections.

Rating: 4.33

  1. scoobydoo316us says

    do you even tell what each one is??????? did i miss something?

  2. Mattias Wiklund says

    Hi!Im just home from Egypt and manage to go 17m down with a mask simular to the first after the cyclope, i dont need to reasch my nose to equlise pressure

  3. GraveDigger says

    Ear plugs make it so you can’t equalise

  4. DrJames says
  5. Gary Weese says

    you didn't address the build up of CO2 in the mask, and how it is removed, if at all

  6. Doug Hill says

    Any make can be equalized by just exhaling through your nose rather then your mouth. All masks seal to your face and cause presure. NO NEED TO PLUG YOUR NOSE.

  7. Bill Barnicke says

    What were the names (make/model) of the masks you reviewed?

  8. Beans Spoup says

    If you are looking for a higher quality, different colors here is the link. Deep Sea O2 | Only Full Face Snorkel Mask Designed to Protect Against Dangerous CO2 Build-Up | Panoramic View | Soft Nose for Diving | Anti-Fog | Camera Mount | Universal Size- Kids to Adult | White

  9. Jennifer the gamer says

    The green whone comes with ear plugs bc I have it

  10. Scott Snider says

    with the aqua colored mask, how do you blow out the water that might come in? I got and tried my new mask today and that was one problem and could not figure out how to blow out that water without taking the mask off. Hope to hear from you about this.

  11. Black Pearl Aruba says

    Not safe . At all !!!!!

  12. use ur noggin says

    Whats the name of the third full face mask with rubber nose

  13. StakrCZ says

    I have subea ff mask and i like it. Yes it doesn't made for free diving but for snorkeling or diving max 1meter under water it's great.

  14. RaceGod SRT says

    Just swallow your spit that will also clear your ears I did that while scuba diving

  15. Lisa Lodahl says

    On the last one can you still breath through you nose?

  16. Tywallaceplayz says

    The deepest I’ve gone was 9 feet deep and I’m not doing that again it hurt bad

  17. wlad says

    My normal goggles similar to the one on the left never fogs up on me with my powerfull spit.

  18. the motor valley says

    All these masks are Just Chinese shitty copycats of the original tribord-subea easybreath from decathlon

  19. Stevens Simons says

    All FF masks are not good for diving or snorkeling, just for surface play on the water. It is no way to avoid the CO2 build up since dead space inside of mask. Thinking about gas mask, but many things are different under water! Hope more people start to pay more attention on this.

  20. Luke Wilson says

    I can’t remember if this is correct but when u go over 5-6 feet under water the pressure with push against ur ear drums. Ur ear drums are like bags filled with air so it will get squished with the pressure but if u hold the top of ur nose not to hard and bow out it inflates the “bags” if u try it now u can feel how it works. Ps if I’m wrong pls correct me

  21. yolandi oehm says

    IMHO, full face masks always fog up! They have a huge dead air space that increases CO2 build up. Bottom line….. They're a gimmick! You just cannot go wrong with a proper fitting 'normal' mask, and a simple snorkel. Remember the only reason proper masks fog up is because the protective layer put over the lens during manufacture has not been removed, this needs to be done before use. It's removed by either a mild abrasive like toothpaste, or if your in a rush you can burn it off with a cigarette lighter (don't burn the silicone!). One more thing, this guys explanation of why we need to equalise leaves a lot to be said… So please find out for yourself the reasons why we equalise, and how to do it safely.

  22. Grabbel Ton says

    It did fog up. What did I do wrong? I have the turquoise one.

  23. firm1z says

    Could have listed the different brands of devices to make it easier to search for.

  24. Love Life says

    They need an emergency quick relaease catch or button

  25. Love Life says

    Someone or some people died wearing these. I dunno if Id trust one. …. besides there arw sharks !!!

  26. Liam L I A E says

    Having some kind of trouble with taking off the breathing stick on top on the helmet and i dont want to break it

  27. Liam L I A E says

    Please respons i just bought a full mask (the first two you showed) and im gonna go about 1-3 meter under water and Can i do that with those or do i need the last mask? Sorry for bad english loved the review

  28. drFIRE beantown Greentown says

    Worst idea EVER

  29. Jack Fisher says

    I bought the regular mask. No full face.. The full face mask felt like death trap when i had it on.. And things tent to get sticky when in panic mode.. So i decided to go the safe way. I went for a regular mask and snorkel.

  30. Olivia Rocha says

    So, I recently bought two types of snorkeling masks. I bought the typical snorkel and mask one. I also bought the domed one which is the third black one. I haven't tested them out yet but I just need to know which one works best. I have had experience with the typical snorkel but I need advice from someone who knows which is better. If you could suggest which one of the two is better, that would be great.

  31. Roy Tenwolde says

    Name of last mask please

  32. Dragomir Ronilac says

    There are nofull face snorkel mask that do not fog… and big volume makes it prone to provoke mask squeeze

  33. John van maren says

    EarPods are the stupids and dangerous things to youse wile diving. you must cut them off. it’s only usefull if you stay on the water level. never when you go down

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