How to Assemble Scuba Regulators

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This video shows you how to easily and safely assemble your diving regulators for standard recreational configurations. It may look complex but with a few basic tools and a little time and patience any one is able to safely put regulators together.

Typically all you will need is an allen key to suit the port plugs on your first stage and a couple of different size spanners (an adjustable will be sufficient it that is all you have. Regulator designs typically fall into one of three first stage layouts which makes it much easier to follow this quick guide and ensure that your regulators are initially configured to standard recreational requirements.

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  1. MOSSMYD says

    Nick it up

  2. rajwoodson says

    this is very informative. dummy question – so both regulator and octo need low pressure hoses and BCD / gauge will need high pressure correct?

  3. caetano coutinho says

    many p How orts are there for first stage .how many low n high pressure ports n which fits in second stage n octopus

  4. harrisongang says

    Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. You answered all my questions. Great instructional video!

  5. PuckysWorld says

    I recently got certified and got myself a kit but no cylinder.. any ideas on how i can set up my regulators safely so i dont break my equipment?

  6. Jeff Morgan says

    Is he recommending to pretest fifteen cycles on the reg before each dive or just on new equipment as a commissioning / burn in test?

  7. Wolf Dks says

    Thanks for the video!!!

  8. Antreas Ioannou says

    Hello guys i need some help.. I am using Aqualung Titan LX requlator and by an accident it got a pretty hard hit on the first stage. I opened them on a shop with a professional but we were not able to find exactly were the damage is. Any way if i buy any other 1st stage from Aqualung or Apeks am i gonna have a problem ? Is it going to be dangerous ?

  9. Smrtcarsmrtcar says

    Good video. Thanks for the info and confidence I can do this assembly.

  10. Grunt_Style T says

    great video im been looking for a video like this 🙂

  11. DJMágia441 says

    Awesome video. It's a lot easier than I thought. Thank you.

  12. sean strickland says

    nicks lol.. good vid

  13. Raymond Persaud says

    How many "nicks" in a twist…

  14. Pleating says

    nice video

  15. Ben Ladeen says

    Il faut faire des video french aussi pour ce qui parle pas angliche merci

  16. scheepalicious says

    Thanks for the video!

  17. RAD ZIOL says

    hi do you sugest any lub while assemble ??? regards

  18. Edward Xiong says

    nice video

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