Scuba Tech Tips: Weight Belt Harness – S06E13

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Many divers find weight belts uncomfortable depending on their age, body shape and total weight. Alec explains the benefits of using a weight belt harness to make diving more comfortable for these conditions.

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  1. Pricediver says

    Great video again!! Is it possible to not wear a weight Belt and put all the weights into the weight integrated BCD?
    Thank you Alec

  2. Rick Kinney says

    Wouldn't a full bcd jacket cover up the shoulder strap buckles making dropping the harness quickly under adverse conditions possibly a little challenging?

  3. Joe Blow says

    When I did my dry suit cert in Iceland, the dive shop outfitted me with a nice vest-like harness that was weight integrated, it had large pockets that distributed the weight around the body with a quick release and it all fit comfortably under the bcd. It was not custom made, but I’m sorry I cannot remember a manufacturer or brand name. I’m sorry I can’t provide any more details about it…

  4. John McGuinness says

    great….. where can I pick up a weight belt harness

  5. Alain Dumesny says

    does the harness relief any of the lower back pain when wearing a lot of weight around your waste ? since the weight is around your waste, I'm guessing NOT when horizontal/swimming, but big yes vertical of course… I've traditionally worse all my weight on a belt (stretchy so it never slides off – in addition to stretchy rubber the buckle also has a spring action which is redundant) which makes it easier a) to carry (BSD with tank is heavy enough) b) easier to dump into kayak when surfacing and lighter to pull BCD off the water later. But lately on longer dives (6 boat dives @45-60min each) I found my lower back killing me (32lbs for drysuit) while swimming – you warm me about that in your BCD weight integrated vs belt video! – so I moved 8lbs to pockets of the BC (I don't trust it's velcro quick-release) and that really helped but the full BC might be too heavy to float next time I kayak dive (throw into water to put on, so it needs to float by itself. It's small lift volume as I mostly use my drysuit).

  6. 454chevy454 says

    Thanks for talking the easy to understand way to people thats very smart.

    I just have one question… i just removed the second stages, and high pressure from my regulator first time in years,looking inside the holes in my 7 yr old regulator looks a little ruff in there can i just spray lil wd40 inside before assembly???

  7. Tom Knudsen says

    Dear Alec.. I had after all your neat stuff in your videos going to visit the scuba2000 web store to get some things, but could not find them. All the small gift things, equipment and sparepart stuff like o-ring kit, repair set etc. Seems they do not have such things as accessory in store. Do you know where I can i.e. by such things like the red/green tank valve nob, and the other neat stuff?

  8. owen mougenot says

    Hi Alec. the weight belt harness is a great Idea in principal, A while back I bought one but I found it was too stiff and bulky it just got in the way . Instead I purchased two 6 foot by 1" wide dog leashes from the dollar store, sewed  the back crossover near the loops ,cut the clips off and added Velcro to the front ends. it is much more flexible and can still be dropped if required and easy to pack for travel. And it's not "A Bump in the front" it's counterbalance for that heavy scuba tank in the back! ok maybe it's the beer?  Keep the tech tips coming ,thanks Owen m

  9. Noah Brænden says

    what is your favorite episode of seahunt

  10. coal city bubble makers says

    What's the truth about 6351 alloy in my tanks

  11. Richard Currin says

    My dive buddy/ brother in law gave me one for Christmas! I use integrated weights now but the harness will come in handy when I travel

  12. It's All Relative says

    Before I gave up diving in wetsuits, I tried the belt harness because of body profile issues in keeping on a standard weight belt. A problem I found that BC could hold the straps and prevent the weights from dropping. They work great with no BC on. Never explored how to overcome that problem. Thanks for the vids.

  13. iVlogBuzz says

    Great video Alec, maybe a video on Bcd Integrated weight systems, benefits and drawbacks compared to a traditional a weight belt. My apologies if you've covered that before.

  14. Alan Rodriguez says

    for someone that does coldwater dives (60F), what do you think about tank weight pouches with 12lbs of solid lead that are attached directly on the tank strap with integrated weight (19lbs soft lead) on the BCD regarding safety and possible emergency weight ditch where the only weight that can be ditched is the 2 bcd weights? Is there any compromise by ditching all weight as opposed to some weight? thanks

  15. suke says

    Five …thousand…dives…. :O

  16. Darrell Grainger says

    I like the harness you showed, who is the manufacturer? I'm interested in buying one.

  17. birdyhorse88 says

    takes 18 to 20kg to get me under the water my harness is my life saver!!! Highly recommend it

  18. Alex James says

    Unrelated question… do you have any tips for easily putting on an older, not stretchy wetsuit? Currently it's difficult to put on but I don't want to buy a new one.

  19. Just the vid i was expecting. I use harness all the time frim my 20'th dive. Never been so confortable. Dumping weights is stupid. If you are in 40 meter depth after 15 minutes bottom time … that would be suicide. Better find anther solution to surface…maibe buddy in extreme circumstances..

  20. SeikiBrian says

    In addition to being "slab-sided," I was wearing a soft-weight belt with pouches, and it was made of nylon webbing, which is slippery. So after finding my weights down around my knees I decided to get a harness…but it wouldn't work with that kind of belt. So I bought a Trident rubber belt. It's excellent. Now I don't really need the harness, but I'll keep it just as insurance.

  21. Joshua Wade says

    Alec, I have an unrelated question. When using a pony bottle redundant air system and mounting it to your primary tank on your back, is it okay/dangerous to mount the pony upside down with the valve and regulator pointed toward your feet?

  22. Zachariah Hammond says

    What do you think about kids scuba

  23. Zachariah Hammond says

    You think you could make actual diving video

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