Animal Crossing New Leaf – 100% Deep Sea Encyclopedia Complete

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After catching all the deep sea items/creatures and donating them to the museum, I took a snapshot on every deep sea item/creature on the list. Each item/creature has the info of when it is available for you to catch and how big/small it is. Not all the deep sea items or creatures are available at both places! Some are available only at the island and some are only available at your town!

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Rating: 4.93

  1. im missing 2 and my deep-sea will be 100%

  2. sneaky boi says

    I am only missing 4

  3. Chris Solgot says

    All I need is the horseshoe crab I am hunting for it right now while I am typing my comment

  4. Keaton Blackman says

    Where the octopus

  5. Hurricane Colin says

    I like the 4am music

  6. Dex Morgan says

    I think I know what you caught last, the Spider Crab

  7. Neon says

    Hello i subscribed 😀

  8. Regalsoulslayer says

    Get on Animal Crossing!

  9. Stuckgoat says

    Hi its me again

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