Scubapro Jet Fins Review

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The Scubapro Jet Fin is one of the toughest designs out there, prefered by Military / Commercial / Professional Divers accross the world for 50 years. Designed in 1965 the Jet Fin hasn’t changed because it simply works well in any environment.

Rating: 4.63

  1. Craig Langford says

    Certified 1970 NAUI wearing a pair of these with US Divers Wraparound mask. They worked perfectly for me in dives all over for years. Bought new versions and still using them. My choice over the newer gear.

  2. Terry Alsop says

    I bought my Jets in April 1977 and they've had various sea creatures try to eat them over the years and they've still got many more dives in 'em! They are in storage now due to serious injury to myself having clocked up just over 1000 dives! They're heavy and bulky Yes but they help build up your muscles and in turn give you plenty of speed when required! If you don't like wearing bootees you can always use a pair of old trainers/pumps! I'd never swap them. Safe Bubbling folks!

  3. Kamil S. says

    How to dive in them? Because they're so heavy, my legs sink.

  4. Henrik Söderlund says

    Is this fin positively or negatively buoyant?

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