Suunto D6i Dive Computer Review

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The Suunto D6i dive computer is the essential tool when other people rely on your diving skills.

Based on the Suunto D6, the new D6i features a new tilt-compensated 3D digital compass and all new internal electronics with increased memory and accuracy. The D6i dive computer is designed to maximise your safety by providing you with wireless air integration to inform you of your remaining air time and current cylinder pressure.

3D tilt-compensated digital compass
Full continuous decompression algorithm
Gas-switching capability
Timer in dive mode
4 dive modes – air, nitrox, free and gauge
All new electronic internals, incresing memory and accuracy
Optional wireless air integration (current cylinder pressure and remaining air time)

If you have Suunto Dive Manager, you can access Suunto’s free service at to give you a deeper understanding of your activities as part of an active online community. Share your dives online or see where others have explored.

Rating: 4.66

  1. Ruud Janssen says

    Great simple explanation to follow along. Just bought the Suunto i6 and looking forward to using it.

  2. Wild Eye Studios says

    when you change the displayed information at the bottom of the dive mode, does it stay so when entering an actual dive, or does it go to the default display every time?

  3. chillbill216 says

    Does this watch also have altimeter, barometer, and heart monitor? Cause it seems real good on the diving end. Do they even make a complete watch that does all for dive, and land??

  4. Murat Demirağ says

    With only one sentence: Suunto D6i is for serious divers. 

    You are able to use two Nitrox mixtures and switch during your dive. 

    Tilt compass is another feature. 

    Free dive and Deco modes help you join breath holding and deep dives (beyond NDLs)


    *You can also use this dive computer as a wrist watch in your social life
    *Wireless Air Integration
    *Readable LCD dcreen


    *You cannot replace its batteries on your own
    *If you use the Free Dive mode, you cannot use it in Dive Mode for 24 hours
    *Can seem to be costly for shallow water divers who make 5-20 dives per year 

    You can read my Suunto D6i Review for more.

  5. jackie the ripper says

    How have things come since then? Have you received your repaired computer?

  6. samuel bussieres says

    I have a d6i up for sale, never got the chance to use it in a real dive, only in pool, message me if you're interested, we can paypal etc.

  7. MadTECH says

    Whats the difference between this and the original D6?

  8. rgtrab says

    I got mine May 31, was very excited at first: 5 dives, 3 weeks, then it failed: MODE button stopped working. No replacement: I had to send it to Florida for repair. Still here I am waiting for my "new" D6i to be glued and repaired. Such an expensive dive compuer should NOT fail this way so miserably, after just 3 weeks of normal usage, no it can not be this bad. No. What about a failure at 120 ft with mixed air? It could be catastrophic. YOU COULD DIE OR GET SEVERE INJURIES. UNACCEPTABLE quality

  9. Antarctic-video says

    How good is the new Sapphire Glass? Is it pretty scratch resistant?

  10. Simply Scuba says

    Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. We can advise that it is an option and disabled by default
    We hope this information assists.

  11. belizeandiver says

    Can you turn off the "tank pressure" option in order to safe battery life? I am getting the full black version next month 🙂

  12. Simply Hike says

    The cost is £595.

  13. Mathias Sawka says

    does anyone Know how much it costs?

  14. majid Alhitmi says

    The presenter has sunnto D6(i)…

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