Mares All In One dSMB Review

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Mares All In One dSMB
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The Mares All In One dSMB is the perfect starter SMB for the traveling diver. Both the buoy and finger spool roll up and pack away into a small pouch that you can keep in a pocket or clipped onto a D-Ring.

dSMBs are not only great for getting you seen in the water but they are required by many dive boats for every diver. Underwater attach the end of the line to the dSMB and inflate it either orally or with a standard BCD inflator. Reel it back in as you ascend and your boat will be waiting while other boats stay away.
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Rating: 4.77

  1. Diver Dan says

    Not a fan of mares I consider them a warm water lightweight less solid manufacturer particularly the regs…this dsmb looks like a nice backup though..

  2. MW says

    Nice – when will you have it in your webshop again?

  3. James Allbright says

    I see there is one left of these on your website is there any way to get one of these shipped to the United States at your website won't let me

  4. Mark S. says

    Love your channel , to bad your in the UK any idea when this product will be available in the US can't find in any stores other than overseas

  5. Bartłomiej Kleszcz says

    Wtf? Where is your "normal" intro whit bubbles and biuti miusic?

  6. Dom says

    Cool product.

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