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How to Fit an Open Heel Scuba Diving Fin. Adreno’ Luke Latham explains how to fit an open heel scuba diving fin when using dive boots.

Firstly, place the fin over your dive boots, and pull the straps to make the fins nice and snug. From there, you’re be looking for three things to make sure the open heel fins are a correct fit:

1. Make sure the top 3-4 centimetres of the fin, closest to your angles are snug.

2. On the other hand, you want your toes to be nice and loose, and are not being pressed by the plastic.

3. On the bottom of the heel, you want to make sure the fin is ending on the middle of the heel, and not at the middle of the foot or completely past your heel. If it’s ending in the middle of your foot, you’ll likely get cramps; if it’s past your foot, you’ll likely to lose your fins.

The final check is to position your foot into a swimming position, to make sure the movement provides a comfortable amount of snugness and not being too restricting or loose.

If you want to know how to fit a closed heel dive boot, watch this video:

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    Hi, can we use dive boots in normal closed fins ?

  2. Vitomir Maricic says

    under surface things kick ass. Cool.

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