OceanReef Neptune Space G Diver IDM Review

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OceanReef Neptune Space G Diver IDM
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The OceanREEF Neptune Space G. Diver Integrated Diving Mask is a comfortable recreational full face mask that combines your primary second stage with an integrated mask. The benefits of using full face masks include protection against cold water and the option of underwater communications.

Comprehensive Double S Skirt seals gently against your face to keep your face completely dry during your dive. The Double S Skirt bellows creating a spring Premium grade silicone rubber creates a wide 30-45mm seal all around the face to keep air in and water out. Keeping your face dry during a dive is especially useful in cold water to insulate your face.

Never Fogging Up because the whole mask is continually being exposed to fresh air from your cylinder. You can forget about complex mask clearing techniques as any water that enters your mask collects at the bottom an is expelled after every breath. The second stage is built into the mask so there are no mouthpieces that you have to bite down on so you can talk and breath through your nose if you prefer.

Six Point Strap provides a comprehensive hold on your head with quick release toggles at the bottom. Your mask will not be dislodged easily by your buddy’s fin because of the springy skirt and six-point strap. This system distributes the pressure evenly over the seal for a firm position while still allowing the mask to float over your face.

Dual Side Ports allow for customization by adding accessories such as Surface Air Valves and Underwater Communications.

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Rating: 4.85

  1. Ole Reidar Johansen says

    After surgery on my sinuses I cannot wear a regular mask anymore as the little water that comes in around the nose runs right into my nose and to the back of my throat. I will definitively be trying one of these. The price is a bit much but it´s not just a mask but a regulator too, so I guess it ain´t that bad. Thanks for the review!

  2. Riley Tech says

    How much prior dive experience do you recommend before buying a full face? I’ve done about 25, and I am looking to buy my first regulator.

  3. Gameplays with Adam says

    Do you need any certificates to dive with this mask?

  4. weerobot says

    Wow…Cool Equalise solution…

  5. netme187 says

    Send some of these to the kids in that cave (well at least for the ones who can swim)

  6. Christopher Thompson says

    With the full face mask snorkels now out there I wonder if full face mask SCUBA gear will become a standard thing in the future?

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