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Adreno’s Kahlee Andrews weighs up the pros and cons for different weight belts. Weight belts have different price points and features. It is important to know the benefits and features of each weight belt and price point as choosing the right weight belt can really affect your spearfishing.

All weight belts come with a quick release buckle to allow you to get to the surface quickly if you needed to.

The entry-level belts are webbed with a plastic buckle. These belts are cheap but allow the weights to move along the belt. You can purchase weight belt keepers which are placed between the weights and prevent movement. These can include D-shackles for hanging other accessories off such as your gun.

The next step up continues to use a webbed design but include a stainless steel clasp, which is generally a little smoother when clipping and unclipping.

Rubber weight belts prevent the weights from sliding along the belt due to the high friction of the rubber. You can choose between the buckle and clasp style, where the buckle increases tightness in increment and the clasp can tighten to fit you exactly.

You can attach a shark clip to the belt with some rope from which you can clip your speargun or other accessories to. You can also attach pockets to your weight belt for holding small items.

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  1. MOSSMYD says

    Could you clip your stringer to the shark clip

  2. Wim M says

    Good information and instructions.
    Thanks very much it’s appreciated

  3. DasCrafter says

    Accents are great except when you're American and it just sounds suuuuuper flat.

  4. Gabrielius Dieninis says

    If I dive in lake, I just use a brick or stone.

  5. The neon soliders Leader says

    White belts ehhhhh yeaahh

  6. I.Z says

    She says white belts

  7. BurninatorTheTrogdor says

    The quick release buckles are great but I've had them come off at the worst time. I went back to the traditional buckle and it's much more secure. As far as cutting off excess belt I tend to leave that bit in case of an emergency. Whatever belt setup you choose make sure you or your buddy can get it off in a hurry.

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