ATLAS – Diving Suit, Diving Attachment, and Shipwreck Plundering Tutorial

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A short tutorial showing how to use the diving attachment and diving suit to plunder shipwrecks and explore the ocean floor.

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ATLAS – Early Access

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  1. jack duncan says

    little tip for ya if u drop items when you are salvaging the float to the top of the water have someone there collecting the stuff and banking it

  2. Roi Montero says

    thanks for that video

  3. Vyse Arcadia says

    god damn that diving suit really fucks with your vision… Wish the vision circle was at least a little larger and the irons a bit thinner. Also the camera being so far back inside the helmet…. le sigh, I'm sure it's exactly as it would feel inside those things but god damn… who does this?

  4. Allan Perry says


  5. Dmitrijs Krecins says

    Thank You!

  6. Bob mash says

    Love the ship build. Please make a more detailed build video

  7. Swordphobic says

    Hello, mind doing a bit of a science video on the different sail types and size?

  8. Jose Castillo says

    I wish the diving suit is more effective because right now it is only good for roleplaying in shallow water. Upgraded swimming and oxgen which costs hardly anything in skill points and diving naked is much more effective in deep sea salvaging than fumbling around in the suit.

  9. danttexx says

    My brig got sunk and in the resource box i had gold? Can i salvage things in storage boxes that was on the brig? Thanks

  10. jeremy owens says

    One of the best info you tubers ever… Appreciate the info up front and not bogged down by liking subs and notifications.. Really awesome man keep it up

  11. Jimmy Charles says

    OHHH! "BLUF"

  12. KOBKED-X says

    Love this YouTube ..that said, I would prefer it if everyone Avoided ARK@ the Reskin because it just makes this type of corporate behaviour continue and spread.. this is WC at the top of the pile of turds. It was supposed to be Included DLC for seasons pass owners.. but NOooo just another cash grab for a game they WON"T F'n fix. but if streamers and youtubers don't stand against this, then they are helping to subject the gaming communities to yet more and more of this crap in the future.. and Patreon…for fucks sake will everyone just stop using it…after all they do that is wrong..many of you give em cash to continue…

  13. DeadMetal07 says

    great guide, whats your opinion on melee weapons? i haven't spec'd into sword or fist weapons yet any thoughts?

  14. Paul Stiles says

    Do you get anything besides the Fiber/Wood/Thatch/Metal? that seems like a lot of work for stuff you could just harvest more of the normal way.

  15. ChitterChatter Gaming says

    They should add a harpoon gun that can only be used with a diving suit

  16. Lobomatic The Shillmaster says

    Nice video mate. Look forward to seeing more from you.

  17. Prince King says

    some of this info is damn well incorrect sad

  18. videon Mode says

    Ooooh man, my thalassophobia is kicking in….

  19. Heinrich Meier says

    Can you make some vids for pvp?

  20. Matt Gilbert says

    Does this only work on player ships or are there ships spawned for this activity? I don't think you can salvage other players ships on PVE servers.

  21. Nerd Stomper says


  22. Brodogger luek says


  23. Iskander Mufazalov says

    Great content, keep it going man!

  24. Naviss says

    Great videos. Wish the view was better in the suit though. Would get old quick on a big ship wreck dive.

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