O'Neill Reactor 2mm Wetsuit (Spring Suit / Shorty) – Owner Review

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The O’Neill Reactor 2mm Spring Suit is a great wet suit for water temperature between 65 – 75 degree (this number may be different depending on how much you enjoy the cold). The wet suit is very soft, comfortable and I feel that it provides sufficient seal that once you warmed up the water inside your suit, fresh cold water do not enter easily. It is a great light weight shorty that would be fantastic for warmer water, I have 0 compliant… and I usually like to complain!

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Rating: 3.81

  1. Cesar Gee says

    I'm 5'7" 140 & I wear mediums everyday

  2. smellydank nugz says

    that suit is to big I have the same one and mine doesn't have all that armpit room

  3. Mykel Mixks says

    kook bought wrong size brah

  4. Jakelol1980 says

    That wetsuit is to big for you, it should be tighter.

  5. Agustin Spada Jiménez says

    no offense but you did not choose the correct size, it fits you big on the armpits and on the clavicle region, you can see the neoprene folding

  6. skojo3e says

    I use a 2mm wetsuit in the northeast like a boss!!! Water temp never gets above 55

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