Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkelling Mask

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This is the BEST mask for not-so-confident snorkelers and swimmers – the Aria full face snorkelling mask from Ocean Reef!

The mask offers incredible visibility and eliminates the need for a separate snorkel. The design allows the user to breathe naturally either through the nose or mouth and the dry top snorkel tube has a special valve design to help prevent water entering the mask.

The way the mask has been designed ensures that air circulates through the mask, helping to prevent the mask from fogging up like a traditional mask can.

You can find out more and buy this amazing mask by visiting our website:

Rating: 4.56

  1. Steve Brown says

    There are some cheap copies on the market which have had these issues due to badly built exhaust valves which is why we do not sell the cheap models. Ocean Reef are well built and have done extensive tests on their models and they have always come out as perfectly safe. I suppose the old saying – you get what you pay for is very true

  2. David Dixon says

    What are these like from a safety standpoint? I'm starting to see video's suggesting CO2 build up in these type of masks. As my other half isn't a confident snorkeller I thought these would be ideal, but have concerns over safety.

  3. J Case says

    These are the perfect travel cases for these full face masks. Snorkel Mask Storage Travel Case: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075JSCX2Z

  4. OceanReefGroup says

    well done:) definitely more knowledgable than most of the videos on YT! Good Job!

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