DIY Scuba Diving Helmet! | Treader Tube

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Camping on the EDGE OF A CLIFF!

Check out for great pics from behind the scenes.

What kit did I use on this video? KIT.COM/TREADERTUBE

**Happy adventuring – but before you go**

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Rating: 4.68

  1. HG1 says

    No way your 6 ft bro, 5’10” max

  2. Nikola Golubović says

    I think hose is not conected to pump on 1:45

  3. Siward Beorn says


  4. Der lachende Sägefisch says

    I cannot wait to watch this guy with his DIY Napkins and Shoe Laces Parachute…

  5. proven body secret says


  6. Martin Vargas says

    You should put some rubber to make a seal, and make an exhaust valve by drilling a hole and a flat rubber tube so you can turn sideways

  7. Forward to the past says

    scuba means self contained underwater breathing apparatus, having a life line to the surface is not scuba

  8. C walkman says

    Hahaha l love it

  9. BLU3 says

    What!!! And people call our products dangerous…

  10. Florida Boys Productions says

    fuck you

  11. TheGameDimension YT says

    “Cool and funny experience until he turns sideways”

  12. joseph baldwin says

    love it

  13. joseph baldwin says

    love it

  14. Chubnubbs says

    How do you only have 11k subs

  15. Anaroch says

    My grandfather built a diving helmet in the fifties out of metal (Not sure what kind) so its heavy enough to weigh you down. It also uses a bicycle pump with a long cable to supply air. Really cool I’ve messed around with it in a pool a few times. He used to use it to explore ponds and lakes with it. Sounds kinda creepy to me.

  16. shawn says

    What if you got a plug in pump

  17. Rusty Eel says

    i hate to get technical, but, scuba is Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. what he is using is a Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus. nice effort tho

  18. Vitor_ SXGE says

    Agora so falta arumar um compressor de ar eletrico

  19. Horrific Space says

    Awesome work

  20. Larry Medina says

    Cheated with the guys scrub breather.


    Very nice

  22. Bacon Hairman Lol says

    Can I borrow it for one week pls

  23. o gustavo tutoriais says

    Algum brasileirinho aqui???

  24. Michael Fixedsys says

    A few one way check valves would easily help

  25. Estiven MC says

    someone tells me how is water can not be put under the hole of the Caneca

  26. Một 0 Hai says

    All fun until you convince us !!! D:<

  27. tjedmiston says

    They make filters that will stop all oils or anything else that may hurt you when you breath this air.

  28. kenyo11XD :v says

    Tengo que hacer esto algun dia de mi vida

  29. Aiden Bazylinski says

    Looks like a trap from saw

  30. Justin Y. Playz says

    U guys r so creative

  31. charlsomon says

    The carbon dioxide is heavier so that will get pushed out of the helmet as he pumps air into the helmet before the air gets pushed out so that isn't a problem

  32. skim with the groms says

    Dose the bycile pump give enogh air

  33. Lynxious ScratcH says

    I commented 3 years ago…. now i comment again. I'm pretty sure you forgot me XD
    Edit: 3 years ago, you also replied to my comment ^^

  34. Красный Сапог says


  35. Sean Yu says

    I thought he was Peter Sagan

  36. Nixon Amaya says

    i made it but i got to stay there very long

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