Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Refill a Scuba Cylinder

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Refill a scuba cylinder for diving by determining what pressure to fill the tank to, closing the bleed valve and then opening the main valve to let in air. Use a compressor system to fill scuba diving cylinders with instructions from a scuba instructor in this free video on scuba diving.

Expert: Gregg Eddy
Bio: Gregg Eddy is a certified scuba instructor who has been teaching scuba classes for over 10 years.
Filmmaker: Clay Roberts

Rating: 4.00

  1. Rich Hughes says

    You didn't snift it before putting the yoke on!! any water in the pillar valve is now in the cylinder!!!

  2. Adil Abdulsalaam says

    what about us who are far from Europe there are no refilling stations can we use our local compressors which we used to refill the car tyres?

  3. diver B says

    so, i just started working at a dive shop. the owner has me filling and inspecting tanks and i have absolutely no experience. the only training ive had was a one hour tutorial by one guy and if i have questions ill call the owner. i dont feel safe doing this, im not sure if the air going into the tanks is good air and i'm worried about someone getting hurt. i don't think i can do this anymore.

  4. RSQDVR8664 says

    1) You must be a certified Fill Station Operator (FSO)  to fill compressed gas cylinders over 40 PSIA. 2) inspect the hydro date to make sure the hydro is current (within 5 years of last hydro for most cylinders), 3) check the Visual Cylinder Inspection/Evidence of Inspection (EOI) label to make sure it's current – within one year, 4) give the cylinder and valve a quick look over to ensure there is no obvious damage: warped, heat damage, dents, etc 5) 'crack' the cylinder valve open briefly to blow any moisture/particulate from the cylinder valve opening, 6) 'crack' the fill whip valve open briefly for the same reasons as #5. 7) Connect the fill whip to the cylinder, close the fill whip bleed valve and open the cylinder valve. 8) the fill rate should be between 300-600 PSI/minute. 9) Best to keep all personnel out of the area in case of a cylinder, fill whip, etc failure – 90% of all cylinder failures occur during filling. 10) If you must stay in the area wear hearing protection if filling from a nearby compressor and make your stay in the fill area as brief as possible.

  5. Dave M says

    Might not be a bad idea to check the tank to be sure that it has been pressure tested and dated and can be filled.

  6. grimlund says

    I really having thoughts of bying a smaller compressor to fill my own tanks…

  7. nickydark17 says

    @divetech11 I think the people who made this are assuming that the tanks are all recently tested/made and have been drained completely.

  8. 7300Matt says

    People! Please find spell check on your computers & use it!

  9. Sam LaBine says

    You're only required to show your c-card when buying air. It is not necessary to posess a c-card to buy equipment (tanks, compressors).

  10. NauiDiver91 says

    @scubaflier1 there is nothing wrong with filling brand new aluminum tanks to 3300 read the manufactures book nd wanna be diver? im an advanced rescue/nitrox diver so yeah im a wanna be

  11. d b says

    @cue1go I have never been asked for my C-card to buy a tank. I have 7 of them and like I said I have never been asked to show that I was indeed a diver Same go's for the day that I bot my diving air compressor…….

  12. Allen Sherrod says

    @NauiDiver91 Why would say your appauled at this video? Then post that you over fill aluminum 80s the tanks that have actually killed people. Your not really a diver your a wanna be.

  13. chopper b says

    why do a vid on how to fill a tank…. worthless

  14. daxoz1 says

    you also need to make sure your cylinder is certified

  15. woofer0doofer says

    I appreciate this. My boss says "I only explain things once. If you screw up you're gone." So put more scuba stuff on here please!!

  16. Darrell Grainger says

    Yes, it would fill your paintball cylinder. Many people use scuba cylinders for paintball. These cylinders come in various sizes from a few cubic feet to over 100 cubic feet (the cylinder in the video is approximately 77 cu ft.)

  17. Darrell Grainger says

    agreed. additionally, there is more to know than what he showed you.

  18. NauiDiver91 says

    why the hell is this video even on here, the only people that should be filling the tanks would be the employees. Which a pre-existing employee or manager would teach a person who was just hired to fill tanks. This video is completely useless.

  19. NauiDiver91 says

    I fill size 80's to 3300lbs of pressure.

  20. adrian mc carey says

    yes that will fill the paintball cylinder but you need a fill staion

  21. Jordan Searle says

    or you could just buy an actual scuba cylinder and have it work real good and proper

  22. ss 200 says

    thank you for the video

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