How To Choose A Dive Mask

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How To Choose A Dive Mask

Choosing the right dive mask for you does not have to be difficult. But sometimes we get to caught up with cosmetics and features instead of finding the right fit. This video will show you an easy way to pick the right mask for you.

Mares X Vision

Mares One Vision

Mares I3

Head Marlin Purge

XS Scuba M-Line

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  1. Theo Anderson says

    Would a one vision mares mask fit me Im 11

  2. Captain John's Skipper Tips says

    Outstanding presentation! Thank You.

  3. tony tony says

    Hi, nice video. But why the Head marlin mask had double layers under the nose purge valve? When under the water, the pressure will push the outer layer onto the inner layer, so using nose to blow out is very difficult, because you have not only to against water pressure but against 2 layers pushed together. So why the design is like that? Can I cut off the outer layer? Thanks.

  4. Spade Spade says

    I have a big head I like how the mares one vision looks I wonder if it would fit me

  5. Phillip Buchanan says

    Can you do another video on detailed mask sealing techniques for people with facial hair.

  6. Tyler says

    My mask seems to work fine without a snorkel. But, when I use a snorkel I get a leak in the nose. The suction test works fine for me with my mask too. Any suggestions for me?

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