Choosing The Right Wetsuit

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Choosing The Right Wetsuit
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Wetsuits work by trapping a layer of water next to your skin, which your body heats and that water in return keeps you warm. The downside of this is that cold water must first flood into the wetsuit which may be somewhat uncomfortable!

It then takes a few minutes to heat up and gradually the benefits can be felt. However, once the suit is up to temperature it will be very comfortable. Wetsuits are generally made of neoprene and a good quality neoprene suit should last you a reasonable length of time.

There are many cheap suits available to buy which are made of synthetic neoprene which has a much shorter working life (and is prone to ripping), lower thermal properties, and increased buoyancy.
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  1. AA says

    What temperature water would a 3.5mm open cell cressi tracina be good for

  2. WolfGaming FX says

    This was really helpful I use a Cresi short sleeved front entry wetsuit in my training BUT BE CAREFUL the gloves are essential to me since the second dive that I had in my training I got stung by FIRE CORAL so plz be careful while diving and pay attention to where your placing yourself thx

  3. Sandra Trieb says

    just wondering if a 5mm suit would be too hot in 79 degree fahrenheit temps.

  4. Missy says

    What should I dive with off the cost of southern Cali?

  5. SeikiBrian says

    You left out a major factor for wetsuits: one-piece versus two-piece. I dive in pretty cold water (typically 48F / 9C), and a thick one-piece suit was too hard for me to get on, so I bought a 7mm two-piece. The Farmer John-style bottom goes on easily and has Velcro tabs on the shoulders, and the front-zip jacket goes on easily over that. It also gives me 14mm over my torso, for added warmth. The disadvantage is that with all that foam I need a lot of weight to get to the bottom, but once I make it from the shore into the water it's easy to get weightless with a few shots of air into my BCD. When I eventually get a warmer-water suit, I'll probably get another two-piece model,(although much thinner), since this one has worked out so well for me. It's so easy to put on and take off, and I'd also be able to wear just the jacket over a skin suit in warm water, or the top and bottom in cooler water.

  6. Adam Dean says

    Why are farmer jons not used mutch any more, also do old wetsuit get less stiff after they get wet.

  7. Sheep Entertainment says

    love this channel

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